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Gentoo Foundation Funding - Collecting Donations


1.  Collecting Donations

At times, it may be appropriate to collect cash donations for the Gentoo Foundation, during a conference or convention. Please be aware that the donators expect their donations to arrive safely and should be able to ensure that their contribution has been received by the foundation.

Please follow these guidelines when collecting donations for the Foundation:

  • Contact the board of trustees prior to the event. The Foundation should be aware of the event, time, location, and the individuals associated with the collection of the funds for both verification before and after the donation. E-mail may be used to contact the trustees. Trustees at gentoo.
  • When collecting money with a "tip jar", frequently empty the jar to minimize loss in the case of theft. Please make every effort to catalog and safeguard large donations with the name and contact information of the donator. They may remain anonymous in our publications at their option, but we should maintain the contact information of large donations for accountability.
  • If asked about what the donations are needed and used for, please direct them to the Foundation website, There is a page on our funding needs listed under Resources.
  • Please indicate that donations to the Gentoo Foundation are NOT tax deductable in the U.S. The Foundation currently stands as a 501c6, Trade Association, and with this status we cannot accept charitible donations for tax benefits. We do not however have any limitations of the size of donations.

2.  Turning in Donations

After donations are collected and counted, contact the board of trustees to arrange a deposit. This can be done in a number of different ways (wire transfer and personal check to the bank account just to name a couple).

When collecting donations on behalf of the Gentoo Foundation, the donors have put their trust in you. Do not spend the money that has been donated, without prior approval from the Foundation. In such cases, all donations still need to be counted and receipts for any purchases need to be turned in along with all remaining donations signed and dated by the entrusted party.

The Foundation has to remain accountable to the donors as well as to the IRS. DO NOT make an assumption if it is within your power to ask a trustee if a particular donation is acceptable or if you have questions regarding the handling of funds before or after their collection.


Page updated 2005-04-2

Summary: Procedures for collecting Donations in behalf of the Gentoo Foundation

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