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Gentoo Foundation 2010 Treasure Report

1.  Treasure's Report

In the fiscal year 2010, for the period of July 1st through march 31st we had a Gross total of $24,404.44. Due to not having accounts from previous years, we asked and google agreed to provide us with the funds from previous years in addition to this years summer of code. I'd like to thank Google for doing that and in total the Google income came out to be: $19,651.59.

In the first quarter of the 2010 we had one hardware purchase for the foundation. This was a Efika MX for development purposes costing $266.15. Events for the quarter also included a donation in Ferris memory and travel expenses for developers related to the SOC project. In the third quarter of this fiscal year, there was a purchase of 6 atom based machines to replace some aging hardware and reduced support from a vendor, who we continue to be appreciative of. The total cost of building out the 6 servers came to $3,485.02, with an additional $50 dollars donated to the OSL student fund to thank them for the work they did in installing the servers.

In total, the expenses for this year comes out to be $6,158.63 dollars. This includes the 6 servers which will be accounted for in depreciation of assets as we move forward into the following years.


Page updated June 22, 2010

Summary: 2010 Treasure Report for the period of July 1st through march 31st

Joshua Jackson

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