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Gentoo Financial Report, Q3 2010

1.  Gentoo Financial Report, Q3 2010

Income for January 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010

Source Amount (in USD) Item
Paypal Donations $1,004.43
Vendor Contributions $19,651.59 Google Summer of code
Store Contributions* $0.00
Grants $0.00
Interest $79.17
Total Income $20,735.19

Expenditures for January 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010

Category Amount (in USD) Item
Hardware $3,485.02 6 atom based Supermicro boxes
Services $50.00
Events $0.00
Promotional $0.00
Developers (bounties, etc) $0.00
Banking Fees (paypal, etc) $47.60
Legal fees (filings, trademark, etc) $0.00
Total Expenditures $3,582.62

Foundation Balance

Balance from Q2-2010 $45,976.26
Income for Q3-2010 $20,735.19
Expenditures for Q3-2010 $3,582.62
Corrections to balance bank account as balance has been off since records have been kept. $8,980.16
Ending balance for Q3-2010 $54,148.67

Hardware acquisitions for the quarter (via donations or extended loans)

  • 6 atom based supermicro servers

*Notes for this quarter

  • Number of paypal donations in the quarter: 85


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Summary: Quarterly financial report for the Gentoo Foundation

Joshua Jackson

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