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Media Refresh: Gentoo Linux 2005.1-r1
Posted on November 21, 2005 by Jeffrey Forman

stick man

The Gentoo Release Engineering team is proud to announce Gentoo Linux 2005.1-r1!

The 2005.1-r1 release is simply a media refresh over the 2005.1 release. What this means is that it used the same base snapshot, and has very few changes. It is essentially nothing more than a bug-fix release. Though offered to all architecture teams, only a few had bugs that were large enough to warrant an interim release before 2006.0's release next year. This media refresh is only of stages and the InstallCD images. The PackageCD images from 2005.1 are still valid and have not been rebuilt.

You will find the new release media under a 2005.1-r1 directory on your favorite mirror. The following architectures have participated in the media refresh: AMD64, PPC64, SPARC, and x86

This interim release fixes many bugs with 2005.1's release. SPARC - Added missing mdadm package PPC64 - Updated iprutils/sysfsutils

Bugs fixed by this release:

  • #79758 - Add vlock to the livecd
  • #83276 - Install CD fails when using a USB CD-ROM
  • #87182 - skge: ignoring bogus sensor interrupts
  • #88777 - python-fchksum missing dependancy during emerge -e system
  • #89650 - Adding ACX1xx support to the next LiveCD
  • #101962 - Bad permissions on stage3-athlon-xp-2005.1, stage3-pentium3-2005.1 and stage4-pentium4-2005.1
  • #102128 - portage snapshot stored in /mnt/cdrom/snapshot not /mnt/cdrom/snapshots
  • #102491 - Cannot clear first character of keymap if incorrect
  • #103275 - stage1-x86-2005.1.tar.bz2 - bad symlinks under /etc/runlevels/*
  • #103610 - yaboot-static claims incorrectly that /proc/device-tree broken is in the 2.6.12 kernel series
  • #107529 - forcedeth driver on LiveCD not patched to v 0.42; causes unrecoverable ethernet hard reset
  • #108689 - smbfs support problematic (request: support cifs instead)
  • #108751 - amd64 2005.1 default kernel lacks IOMMU support; breaks w/ >4GB RAM
  • #111269 - genkernel mismatch on 2005.1 amd64 universal cd

There is also a new version of the x86 Gentoo Linux Installer LiveCD located under /experimental. This version is based off the 2005.1 snapshot, but has some bug fixes in it, along with version 0.2 of the Gentoo Linux Installer. There is also an AMD64 version of the Gentoo Linux Installer LiveCD located under /experimental. This LiveCD is fresh off the presses and has not had a lot of testing done. However, it is based on the same snapshot that was used successfully to build the 2005.1 release, so problems should be minimal.

If you experience problems with either LiveCD, please file a bug on under the Gentoo Release Media product. If you find a bug with the Installer itself, then file it under the Gentoo Linux product and the GLI component.

Page updated November 21, 2005

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