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1.  Gentoo Monthly Newsletter Overview

The Gentoo Monthly Newsletter is intended to give users of Gentoo one source of information about Gentoo. The GMN summarizes the key events in the Gentoo project each month and presents them in a clear, concise format.

The GMN will be distributed via the web (HTML). To subscribe to the GMN blog, use the form in the GMN website. You can also monitor our and

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2.  Gentoo Monthly Newsletter Archives

Date Summary
31 March 2014 Interview with Tom Wijsman (TomWij), Gentoo Galaxy
01 March 2014 Interview with Gentoo developer Sven Vermeulen (swift)
31 January 2014 FOSDEM 2014. Tracking orphaned packages. Restoring
30 December 2013 Interview with Sergey Popov.
30 November 2013 Interview with Richard Freeman, Gentoo as a development environment for newcomers.
31 October 2013 GSOC 2013, SELinux System Administration, Council, Conferences
30 November 2008 Kernel team, Incognito, Gentoo-wiki returns...
30 September 2008 EAPI-2 approved, Gentoo-Quebec training, iotop...
31 August 2008 PHP4 removal, GSOC interview, new Gentoo-based distributions...
28 July 2008 2008.0 release, Gentoo at Peel Fresco Music Lounge and more...
30 June 2008 LinuxTag and FliSoL, GSOC interview, Gentoo in space...
26 May 2008 Gentoo Foundation status, GSOC interview, Network monitoring...
24 April 2008 Summer of Code 2008, Interview with Hyves, Speedup Boot time...
17 March 2008 Trustee election results, conference summaries...
18 February 2008 Trustee elections, How a team works, Graphical statistics...
21 January 2008 Inaugural issue of the GMN, Planet Gentoo roundup, ATI drivers update...


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