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1.  Project Description

The Python project maintains dev-lang/python and most of dev-python/.

2.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Mike Gilbert floppym Lead
Alex Brandt alunduil Member
Patrick McLean chutzpah Member
Tiziano Müller dev-zero Member
Dirkjan Ochtman djc Member
Ian Delaney idella4 Member
Thomas Raschbacher lordvan Member
Maxim Koltsov maksbotan Member
Marien Zwart marienz Member
Michał Górny mgorny Member
Krzysztof Pawlik nelchael Member
Patrick Lauer patrick Member
Matt Thode prometheanfire Member
Tim Harder radhermit Member
Rafael Martins rafaelmartins Member
Samuel Damashek sdamashek Member
Sebastian Pipping sping Member
Alexys Jacob ultrabug Member
Kacper Kowalik xarthisius Member
Jan Matejka yac Member

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

3.  Subprojects

The Python project has the following subprojects:

Project Lead Description
eselect-python Python eselect module
python-exec Michał Górny A wrapper to run the Python script variant for the preferred implementation
python-updater Re-emerges Python packages after a major Python upgrade

4.  Project tasks

The tasks of the Python project are:

g-pypi - Create ebuilds from PyPI automatically

g-pypi is a tool for installing Python packages using information from PyPI without having to write an ebuild by hand. You can read more about the tool here

Feature requests and bug reports for the git code should go to

Starting date: 2007
Developer: pythonhead (Rob Cakebread) - Developer
Developer: neurogeek (Jesus Rivero) - Developer

python-r1 - Simpler & cleaner eclasses for Python packages

python-r1 & distutils-r1 are the new eclasses being developed with a goal of providing a simpler and more maintainable replacement for the current python & distutils eclasses.

Starting date: 2012
Developer: mgorny (Michał Górny) - Developer
Developer: idella4 (Ian Delaney) - Master doc reviewer

5.  Resources

Resources offered by the Python project are:

6.  Herds

The Python project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
python alunduil, chutzpah, dev-zero, djc, floppym, idella4, lordvan, maksbotan, marienz, mgorny, nelchael, patrick, prometheanfire, radhermit, rafaelmartins, sdamashek, sping, ultrabug, xarthisius, yac Python-related packages

7.  Participating

#gentoo-python on

The best way to reach us is on IRC in the #gentoo-python channel on Please feel free to stop by to talk about Python on Gentoo. We welcome any suggestions for improvement.


Page updated January 21, 2014

Summary: The Python project maintains ebuilds for the Python language itself and a lot of other packages using it.

Marien Zwart

Dirkjan Ochtman

Rob Cakebread

Michał Górny

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