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1. Communication


1.a. Mailing Lists

To participate in the Embedded Gentoo project first join the mailing list at Then ask if there are plans to support something that you are interested in, propose a new subproject that you are interested in or choose one of the planned subprojects to work on.

For more information, see the common mailing list page.

1.b. IRC

You may talk to the developers and users in the IRC channel #gentoo-embedded on for more information or just to chat about the project or any subprojects.

For more information, see the common IRC page.

1.c. Bugzilla

We use the Gentoo Bugzilla to handle all of our tracking. All bug reports should generally go here.

For more information, see the Gentoo bug reporting guide.

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Page updated April 28, 2013

Summary: Gentoo Embedded communication channels.

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