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3. Vendors

3.a. Hardware Donations

Obviously the first barrier to supporting something is hardware. It's hard to develop for something without hardware to actually test on. There are generally two classes of machines: (1) generic hardware development platforms and (2) specific device platforms. The generic platforms can be thought of as "desktopish" machines where the system is self hosting, has large local storage (i.e. a harddisk, not flash), and network connectivity. These platforms are useful in the sense of getting software to build specifically for that architecture. The device platforms are things like a PDA or a cell phone. The target of the development is to produce a firmware image which can be used on just the one device.

If you have hardware to spare, feel free to contact the Gentoo Embedded team to find the best home for your donation. Thanks!

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Page updated April 28, 2013

Summary: Information specific to vendors who wish to help out.

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