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1.  Project Description

The Gentoo/PowerPC Project works to ensure that Gentoo is the most up to date and robust PowerPC distribution available for both server and desktop applications.

Bugs are tracked and resolved from the Gentoo bug tracker. For PowerPC bugs, please see this link. Correspondence is maintained on the PowerPC related mailing lists, gentoo-ppc-user and gentoo-ppc-dev. For more information on PowerPC mailing lists, please see the Gentoo Mailing list overview. Additionally, the PowerPC team is almost always available in #gentoo-powerpc on freenode.

2.  Project Goals

The goal of the Gentoo PowerPC development project is to guarantee that the PowerPC packages built using Gentoo meta-data (ebuilds) are functional and up to date. By continuously testing new packages, maintaining existing packages and providing user support, the Gentoo PowerPC team provides the PowerPC user with a modern distro based on community, performance and freedom. Utilizing Gentoo's meta-data based distribution allows a user to to be as bleeding edge or as conservative as is desired.

Gentoo is unique because all of its supported architectures share the same generic meta-data information (ebuilds) which describe how to build packages. These packages are combined to form the foundation of this distribution. The PowerPC developers are responsible for building and testing ebuilds and marking them as tested (~ppc/~ppc64) or stable (ppc/ppc64). Our users can use this information, along with the portage application, to build a system that suits their needs, whether it is a stable server, embedded system or a bleeding edge desktop system.

3.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Agostino Sarubbo ago Developer ( Security bugs primarily )
Anthony G. Basile blueness Developer ( Gentoo/PPC/PPC64 )
Mark Loeser halcy0n Developer ( Gentoo/PPC64 )
Jeroen Roovers jer Developer ( Gentoo/PPC )
Jack Morgan jmorgan Developer ( Gentoo/PPC )
Jack Morgan jmorgan Developer ( Gentoo/PPC/PPC64 )
Joseph Jezak josejx Developer ( Gentoo/PPC )
Luca Barbato lu_zero Developer ( Gentoo/PPC )
Gysbert Wassenaar nixnut Developer ( Gentoo/PPC )
Sergey Popov pinkbyte Developer ( Gentoo/PPC/PPC64 )
Vicente Olivert Riera vincent Developer ( Gentoo/PPC/PPC64 )
Mounir Lamouri volkmar Developer ( Gentoo/PPC )
Michael Weber xmw Developer ( Gentoo/PPC )
Mikle Kolyada zlogene Developer ( Gentoo/PPC/PPC64 )

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

4.  Subprojects

The Gentoo PowerPC project has the following subprojects:

Project Lead Description
Documentation Joseph Jezak Maintenance and enhancement of PPC specific documentation and website.

5.  Herds

The Gentoo PowerPC project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
ppc ago, blueness, halcy0n, jer, jmorgan, jmorgan, josejx, lu_zero, nixnut, pinkbyte, vincent, volkmar, xmw, zlogene PowerPC porters
ppc64 ago, blueness, halcy0n, jmorgan, josejx, pinkbyte, zlogene Gentoo/PPC64 Team

6.  How to Participate

Can you make computers do amazing things? Are you excited about exploring areas of computing never explored before? We are continuously looking for volunteers willing to spend some of their free time on this project.

If you are interested in helping, but don't have a niche that you are interested in filling, you can always look through our bugs. There are always packages that need to be tested, bugs waiting to be found and fixed and enhancements waiting for someone to code them. Feel free to ask the PPC development team on IRC what you can help us with!

for more information on how the PPC team recruits please read our recruitment page.


Page updated February 5, 2010

Summary: The Gentoo/PowerPC Project supports and maintains Gentoo Linux on the PowerPC architecture, for both the 32 bit and 64 bit userlands.

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