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Gnome 2.16 Upgrade Guide

1.  Troubleshooting

Notification-related build failures

libnotify builds differently based on the version of GTK+ installed on the system at the time it was emerged. If you are having problems building things like zenity or rhythmbox that are failing with undefined references to notification functions, rebuild libnotify after having upgraded GTK+ to 2.10.x.

gnome-settings-daemon fails to start

gnome-settings-daemon needs a local dbus session to work, and fails to start if one is not present. gnome-session automatically starts a dbus session for you, but if you're using some other WM or using startx with a ~/.xinitrc file, you need to manually start the dbus session. Put this in your X startup file (~/.xinit for startx, ~/.xsession for a DM):

Code Listing 1.1: Starting a dbus session

eval `dbus-launch --exit-with-session --sh-syntax`

Make sure it's before the line that runs gnome-settings-daemon.

Alternatively, if you're using startx and not doing anything special in your ~/.xinitrc, you can remove this file and set the XSESSION to gnome in your ~/.profile or in /etc/rc.conf. This will correctly start dbus before starting gnome-session.

IMAP 4rev1 provider is gone in Evolution

The IMAP 4rev1 provider has been removed from evolution in this version. It is considered broken and unsupported upstream. Users should change their accounts to use the normal IMAP provider instead.


Page updated September 8, 2006

Summary: This is a guide for upgrading from GNOME 2.14.x to GNOME 2.16.x.

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