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Gentoo WM Project


1.  Project Description

The WM project manages the wide variety of Window Manager in Portage. These include commonbox (open/flux/blackbox), next generation Blackbox workalikes (openbox3, kahakai), GnuStep (gnu/afterstep, windowmaker), and a number of minimal WM's (ion, ratpoison, etc).

2.  Project Goals

The goal of the WM project is to support all WM's in Portage and any additional packages directly related to these WM's. We are also interested in packages that add functionality to the WM, like keygrabbers.

3.  Herds

The desktop-wm project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
gnustep grobian, voyageur GNUstep enviroment and related

4.  Got Boogs?

If you are experiencing a bug with a WM, we'd like to hear from you! Include all relevant information in your report to Gentoo's Bugzilla. Please include the output of "emerge --info" and your version of X and the WM experiencing the problem.


Page updated 05 Nov 2003

Summary: The WM project manages the wide variety of Window Managers in Portage.

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