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1.  Gentoo Council Elections

Gentoo Council elections Rules

Election rules (based on GLEP 39):

  • Council elections generally happen once a year
  • The council is composed of seven elected members
  • Nominations are allowed for 15 days.
  • Only Gentoo developers may be nominated
  • Anyone can nominate (nominating yourself is OK)
  • Nominees must accept their nomination before voting begins
  • Voting is opened for 15 days.
  • Only Gentoo developers that have joined the project before nomination starts may vote
  • Condorcet method of voting is used

There should be at least three officials for this election plus one Gentoo Infrastructure project member assigned to it to handle their side of the process. Officials are allowed to vote in the election but aren't allowed to run in it. Nominating and accepting nominations should happen on the gentoo-project mailing list.

Condorcet method of voting

For both Foundation and Council elections, Condorcet method of voting is used to count votes.

To cast votes in the Council election we use the program named votify which is installed on

Instructions on how to use votify to cast a vote:

  • If you're eligible to vote in that election, log in to
  • Type votify --new election-name to create a new ballot file
  • Edit .ballot-election-name file in your home directory and rank the candidates
  • Once you're finished, use votify --verify election-name command to verify the validity of your ballot file
  • If everything is okay, use votify --submit election-name to submit your vote for the election. Don't forget your vote doesn't count until you submit it.
  • If you run into problems, you can either work them out yourself using votify --help or contact election officials and ask them for help

Gentoo Council election pages

Council Elections:

The voting distribution is a graphical depiction of how the voters ranked each candidate, with the height of each column representing how many people ranked each candidate in a certain position. The left edge indicates high ranks, and the right edge indicates low ranks.

The voting distribution histograms were generated using a ruby script courtesy of Ciaran McCreesh.

Recent Elections:

Election Results
201406 201406 results

Older Elections:

Election Nominees Results Rank Master Ballot Voters Graphs
council-201306 Election 2013/06 Nominees 2013/06 Results 2013/06 rank 2013/06 Master Ballot 2013/06 voters 2013/06 Voter Distribution
council-201206 Election 2012/06 Nominees 2012/06 Results 2012/06 rank 2012/06 Master Ballot 2012/06 voters 2012/06 Voter Distribution
council-201106 Election 2011/06 Nominees 2011/06 Results 2011/06 rank 2011/06 Master Ballot 2011/06 voters 2011/06 Voter Distribution
council201006 Election 2010/06 Nominees 2010/06 Results 2010/06 rank 2010/06 Master Ballot 2010/06 voters
council200912 Election 2009/12 Nominees 2009/12 Results 2009/12 rank 2009/12 Master Ballot 2009/12 voters
council200906 Election 2009/06 Nominees 2009/06 Results 2009/06 rank 2009/06 Master Ballot 2009/06 voters 2009/06 Voter Distribution
council200811 Election 2008/11 Nominees 2008/11 Results 2008/11 rank 2008/11 Master Ballot 2008/11 voters
council2008 Election 2008/06 Nominees 2008/06 Results 2008/06 rank 2008/06 Master Ballot 200806 voters
council2007 Election 2007/09 Nominees 2007/09 Results 2007/09 rank 2007/09 Master Ballot
council2006 Election 2006/09 Nominees 2006/09 Results 2006/09 rank 2006/09 Master Ballot
council2005 Election 2005/09 Nominees 2005/09 Results 2005/09 rank 2005/09 Master Ballot


Page updated July 2, 2014

Summary: This page lists a summary of the Gentoo Council Elections, including the Results for previous elections and links for each election.

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