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1.  Gentoo Documentation Project Quiz

GuideXML Format

What is the <version> element used for?

What license does a Gentoo Document use when the <license> element is set?

Where is the content of the <abstract> element placed on the Gentoo website for a particular guide? And for the Gentoo Handbook?

Give the recommended format that you would use for "February 17th, 2005" inside <date>. What is the benefit for this format?

What are the differences between an English document and a translated document XML-wise (not taking into account metadoc.xml)?

Suppose you have a document on the differences between distributions. The document has the following chapters and sections. How would you create a link to the section Availability?

Code Listing 1.1: Document layout

Chapter: What is a Distribution?
Chapter: What are the Differences?
Section:    Optimization
Section:    Availability
Section:    Software Choices
Section:    Internationalisation
Section:    Software Maintenance
Section:    Branding
Section:    Installation
Section:    System Configuration
Chapter: What is Gentoo?
Chapter: Gentoo's Advantages

What is wrong with the following code snippet of a Gentoo Handbook main file which covers "Gentoo Security" in German? Why do you make the changes you made?

Code Listing 1.2: Excerpt of a handbook main page

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">

<book lang="de">
<title>Gentoo Sicherheit</title>

What is the result of using the lang attribute?

What is a valid GuideXML file and how do you check for validity?

Coding Style

Please download the following GuideXML document that does not validate GuideXML correctly and also isn't written using the Coding Style. Reformat the code so it adheres to the Gentoo Documentation Coding Style and GuideXML format.

Commit Policy

A new document is submitted through bugzilla. You have successfully reviewed the document but have not found any issues. What is the procedure for adding it to CVS (give commands and the actions you perform)?

A patch for "KaBooZa Guide" has been submitted to bugzilla and you have decided to take care of it even though you know nothing about KaBooZa. How do you proceed?

Someone notices a grammar issue on one of Gentoo's pages and reports it on IRC. What do you do if the page is one that you can correct (you have access and you understand the language)? What if you can't correct it?


Page updated May 17, 2005

Summary: This document contains the Documentation Project Quiz, a collection of questions pertaining to documentation development which need to be answered correctly before a developer can be given CVS access to the Gentoo Documentation Repository.

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