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1.  Status Reports


This is the status of the Gentoo Documentation Project. It will be posted regularly, but not with a static frequency. All questions can be posted to or to me personally.

The Gentoo Documentation Project, from now on abbreviated to GDP, has its own project page (just like almost all other Gentoo projects). You can find it at


This status mail will briefly discuss the following tasks, objectives and/or projects related to the GDP:

2.  New / Updated Documentation

With the new 2004.2 release you can already guess that the Gentoo Handbook has been updated thoroughly. But that's not the only thing that was.

A new document called the Home Router Guide will be added soonish to the Gentoo Documentation repository thanks to Mike Frysinger. This document covers the installation and configuration of a Gentoo-based router for home and small office users.

The Gentoo Portage Manual has received many updates to be in sync with the latest Portage version.

The Gentoo Kernel Guide has been updated to be in sync with the latest kernel sources that we provide.

The Gentoo FAQ now contains the instructions for burning ISOs (which was previously in all Gentoo Handbooks). It also contains information on numlockx for GNOME 2.6.

The Gentoo Desktop Documentation Resources has substituted the old Desktop Configuration Guide. The installation of xorg-x11, kde, gnome, etc. are now all covered by individual guides.

We now also have a Gentoo/ARM and Gentoo/PPC64 Handbook.

3.  Xavier Neys as new Operational Lead

As announced on and, Xavier Neys has now taken the job as Operational Manager for the Gentoo Documentation Project.

Together with Sven Vermeulen Xavier will make sure that the Gentoo Documentation Project continues to grow and produce high-quality documentation.

See for the official announcement.

4.  Bootloader Instruction Changes

The documentation team is now working on a change in the installation instructions which will move the bootloader installation and configuration towards the end of the installation process.

Such a change is needed for better readability (since we had Gentoo/MIPS and Gentoo/PPC bootloader instructions after rebooting) and to update the GRUB installation instructions to use grub-install instead of the tedious and error-prone grub interactive commands.

The updated instructions are currently sitting in our draft repository (x86, alpha, amd64, arm, hppa, mips, ppc, ppc64, sparc) until they are thoroughly verified. Then they will be merged in the official location.


Page updated July 30, 2004

Summary: Status report of the GDP project

Sven Vermeulen

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