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This page is meant to give an overview of all gentoo projects

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Apache nelchael, trapni The Apache herd maintains the Apache httpd server, an eclass to use the Apache build infrastructure, and many of its modules.
base vapier GMsoft, Kumba, armin76, kingtaco, klausman, tsunam The Base System Project provides an umbrella project for keeping the system tools, libraries, compilers and layout consistent for all the various architectures under Gentoo Linux.
Bug Cleaners The Gentoo Bug Cleaners project aims to clean up the oldest bugs in Bugzilla.
bugday dastergon, deathwing00, gurligebis Gentoo Bugday is an event hosted every first saturday of a month where devs and users get together to try and fix the most bugs during the day.
Council blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, scarabeus, ulm, williamh The elected Gentoo Council decides on global issues and policies that affect multiple projects in Gentoo.
desktop dberkholz The desktop project handles all desktop-related issues of the Gentoo distribution, including science.
Documentation JoseJX, SwifT, flammie, jkt, nightmorph, rane, vapier The Gentoo Documentation Project is devoted to the creation and maintenance of complete and concise documentation for the Gentoo Project.
elections dabbott, jmbsvicetto, neddyseagoon, rane, robbat2 Gentoo Elections Project gathers all the information necessary to conduct elections in Gentoo.
eselect dberkholz, fox2mike, peper, ulm This page contains information about eselect, Gentoo's modular administration and configuration framework.
Forums kallamej, desultory Deathwing00, Earthwings, NathanZachary, NeddySeagoon, ago, amne, d2_racing, i92guboj, jmbsvicetto, john_r_graham, kernelsensei, klieber, nixnut, pilla, pjp, think4urs11, timeBandit, tomk The Gentoo Forums are a source of support for the Gentoo user community. It allows users to post support questions that can be answered by developers and other users alike.
Gentoo Programming Resources george Gentoo Specific Support for Programming Environments.
gentoo-alt Provide Gentoo-way solutions for non-GNU/Linux platforms.
hardened Chainsaw, SwifT, Zorry, blueness, gengor, klondike, lejonet, nixnut, prometheanfire, quantumsummers Hardened Gentoo brings advanced security measures to Gentoo Linux.
infrastructure robbat2 a3li, antarus, armin76, craig, darkside, idl0r, jmbsvicetto, kingtaco, tampakrap, zx2c4 The infrastructure project describes the infrastructure that Gentoo uses, how the infrastructure is administrated, who is in charge of what infrastructure and more infrastructure-related items.
Java betelgeuse, caster, chewi, ercpe, fordfrog, sera, serkan The Java Project handles all Gentoo-related Java things.
kernel mpagano blueness, chainsaw, dang, gengor, gmsoft, gregkh, joker, kumba, nelchael, nixnut, psomas, solar, spock, tomwij, zorry The Gentoo Kernel project has the goal of bringing a stable and consistent kernel feature set across all architectures supported by Gentoo Linux
libbash betelgeuse qiaomuf libbash development is devoted to maintaining and updating libbash core functionality and utilities.
Licenses This is a small team in Gentoo that try to make heads & tails of license terms.
Lisp pchrist hkBst The Gentoo Lisp Project handles Lisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree.
metastructure dilfridge, jmbsvicetto The metastructure toplevel project is concerned with the management structure of gentoo
ops jer a3li, blackace, fox2mike, neddyseagoon The #gentoo Operators project describes the tasks and policies carried out by the operators of the #gentoo channel on the Freenode network.
Perl zlogene axs, civil, dilfridge, monsieurp The Perl Maintenance Project handles all Gentoo-related Perl things.
PHP olemarkus mabi The Gentoo PHP Team is responsible for delivering high-quality support for the PHP programming language for Gentoo Linux.
Portage zmedico solar, vapier, volkmar The Portage Development Project is devoted to maintaining and updating Portages core functionality and utilities.
pr dberkholz a3li, dabbott, hwoarang, jdhore, klieber, nightmorph, sping, yngwin The Public Relations Team improves Gentoo's visibility towards the rest of the world.
Python floppym alicef, alunduil, chutzpah, dev-zero, djc, idella4, lordvan, maksbotan, marienz, mgorny, nelchael, patrick, prometheanfire, radhermit, rafaelmartins, sdamashek, sping, ultrabug, xarthisius, yac The Python project maintains ebuilds for the Python language itself and a lot of other packages using it.
qa creffett, pinkbyte, tommy The Quality Assurance Project provides an umbrella project for keeping Gentoo's portage tree in a consistent state across all the architectures. This means that syntax, dependencies (both compile-time and run-time), file sizes, changelog and metadata entries are all kept up to date and as accurate as possible.
releng armin76, blueness, hwoarang, jmbsvicetto, nightmorph, ranger, robbat2, williamh, xmw, zerochaos The official project focused on coordinating and improving the creation of official releases of Gentoo Linux.
Scientific Gentoo bicatali alexxy, dberkholz, dilfridge, george, je_fro, jlec, markusle, nerdboy, ottxor, phosphan, ryao, tomka, weaver, xarthisius Science related stuff in Gentoo
Scire agaffney blackace The Scire project aims to create a simple interface for installing, configuring, updating, and managing mass numbers of client machines.
security a3li, keytoaster ackle, craig, creffett, pinkbyte, zx2c4 The Gentoo Linux Security Project ensures that all vulnerabilities in software provided by Gentoo Portage tree are found and fixed in a timely manner.
Sunrise tommy chithanh Project Sunrise provides a gentoo user overlay - the team members take care of the health of the overlay
TeX aballier, dilfridge, radhermit The TeX project maintains ebuilds for TeX distributions and TeX related packages.
virtualization dev-zero cardoe, flameeyes, idella4, jokey, lu_zero, tamiko The Gentoo Virtualization Project maintains packages shared between the different virtualization (sub-)projects and provides documentation and tools to the user to make Gentoo a first choice platform as both host and guest system.
VPS Hollow, pva The Gentoo Virtual Private Server project maintains all VPS related packages.
Web-apps blueness, robbat2, trapni The web-apps team maintains web applications, an eclass to facilitate writing ebuilds for these packages, and the webapp-config tool.
wiki a3li antarus, idl0r, keytoaster, yngwin The Gentoo Wiki Project aims to create and maintain a wiki for use by developers and users.


Page updated March 27, 2015

Summary: This is an overview of all current gentoo projects

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