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Judges For The 2009 Screenshot Contest
Posted on July 25, 2009 by David Abbott


There will be three judges that will decide the three winning screenshots for this years contest. Winners will recieve bragging rights on irc and the forums.

Introducing The Judges

Markos Chandras (hwoarang) Gentoo Developer
Markos is a busy man, he helps out with Qt, kde, sunrise, sound, and the kernel.
Markos's Desktop
  • Custom Made Tower (:p) AMD Athlon 64 2800+ (1,8Ghz)
  • NVidia 6600GT (Twin view )
  • RAM: 1,5GB DDR | 2 X HDD 250 GB
  • Screenshot info: KDE-4.2.4 , Qt-4.5.3 (4.5.9999 trunk )
  • Plasmoids: plasma-emergelog, plasmatvgr, imagebin, cpu info, pager, stdin
  • Theme: Arezzo
Noel Saliba (weirdedout)
Noel is a longtime Gentoo user and he gets to take care of Gentoo Servers as a System Administrator all over the world.
Noels's Desktop
  • User Name: aussiemale (Gentoo Forums)
  • Hardware Spec: Notebook Dell Inspiron 6400 CPU
  • Intel Core Duo (T2300) - 1.66GHz
  • VGA: Intel 945GM
  • RAM: 2GB DDR2
  • HDD: 320GB Western Digital SATA
  • Screenshot Info: KDE 3.5.10 | conky | konsole KBFX
  • Window Decoration - Laptop Wallpaper - 104718-Pi.jpeg (from I think)
Fernando V. Orocu (likewhoa)
Fernando A.K.A likewhoa has been using Gentoo Linux since 2004 and has been deploying Gentoo servers ever since with a passion for OSS and User collaboration
Fernando's Desktop
  • User Name: likewhoa (Gentoo Forums)
  • Hardware Spec: DFI NF4 Socket 939 Venus Mainboard
  • Opteron 165 at 3150MHz
  • Ram: 2GB 3-3-2-6 under H2O
  • Screenshot Info: fvwm2
  • Custom Gentoo Related Dynamic Menus

Page updated July 25, 2009

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