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1.  General Gentoo Presentations


If you know of a Gentoo presentation that's up to date (as much as possible), please pass it to for inclusion on this page.

Beware, some of the presentations are available under certain conditions. These are mentioned in the License column. Don't use the presentation before reading the License and/or contacting the main author.

Title License Author Date Event Link
Introduction to Gentoo BY-NC-SA 1 Rajiv Manglani site (pdf, ppt, txt)
Keynote for FOSDEM 2005 Unknown (ask author) Jochen Maes 2005-02-26 FOSDEM 2005 sxi
The Gentoo Community Unknown (ask author) Ulrich Plate 2005-02-26 FOSDEM 2005 pdf, sxi
Features of Portage Unknown (ask author) Patrick Lauer 2005-02-26 FOSDEM 2005 sxi
Building LiveCDs with catalyst Unknown (ask author) Benjamin Judas 2005-02-26 FOSDEM 2005 pdf, sxi
Gentoo Network Appliance Project (GNAP) Unknown (ask author) Thierry Carrez 2005-02-26 FOSDEM 2005 sxi
Gentoo/Linux on the PowerPC Architecture BY-NC-SA 1 Luca Barbato, Lars Weiler 2005-02-27 FOSDEM 2005 pdf, sxi
The Java Development Environment on Gentoo Unknown (ask author) Karl Trygve Kalleberg 2005-02-27 FOSDEM 2005 pdf
Enterprise Java on Gentoo Unknown (ask author) Karl Trygve Kalleberg 2005-02-27 FOSDEM 2005 pdf
Gentoo Documentation Project CC-BY-SA 2+ Sven Vermeulen 2005-02-27 FOSDEM 2005 sxi
Gentoo Linux Security Announcements (GLSA) Unknown (ask author) Jochen Maes, Sune Kloppenburg Jeppesen, Thierry Carrez 2005-02-27 FOSDEM 2005 sxi
UTF-8 with Gentoo BY-NC-SA 1 Lars Weiler 2005-02-27 FOSDEM 2005 pdf, sxi
Introduction to Gentoo CC-BY-SA 2+ Richard Freeman 2010-03-10 PLUG North odp
How to be a Good Upstream CC BY-SA 3.0 Petteri Räty 2010-02-06 FOSDEM 2010 odp
Was kann ich für meine Linux-Distribution tun? (German) CC BY-SA 3.0 Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn 2011-10-06 Informatik 2011 odp


Page updated May 16, 2011

Summary: A list of available Gentoo presentations.

Sven Vermeulen

Lars Weiler

Lars Weiler

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