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1.  Project Description

Any succesfull project uses its press coverage as an integral part of its marketing campaign and public relations. Gentoo is not different. Well-structured press coverage informs people about Gentoo's evolutions and keeps issues and/or events before the public eye. Properly distributed press releases build credibility and expand the Gentoo user base and opportunities.

2.  Project Goals

The press coverage project aims to maintain an up-to-date list of all press coverage of the Gentoo project, and provides well-written information to third-party press media.

3.  Resources

Resources offered by the press coverage project are:


Page updated November 24, 2003

Summary: Several sites (and other media) exist that occasionally talk about Gentoo using (submitted or self-written) articles. This subproject maintains a list of all available Gentoo articles and updates the several press media about Gentoo.

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