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1.  Introduction

What is this roadmap for?

A roadmap provides people (both members and interested parties) with a description to where a project is heading. Such a roadmap should be seen as the official "Where are we going tomorrow?" answer that some people might ask.

Why are there 4 roadmaps?

The PR project has four subprojects witch each its own roadmap declaration.

2.  Roadmap for the Presentation Project

Create an Official Presentation Style

Current Status A couple of styles have been finished and are waiting to be uploaded to an official location
Contributors Simon P. Hough (Development)

Simon P. Hough has been very active lately in the development of a graphical style that can be used for Gentoo presentation templates. The main efforts that need to go in this direction is to improve those styles so they all match and can be used with any possible Gentoo presentation.

This means that the styles must be broad enough so that they can be used with any subject (for instance history, development, documentation, future, ...).

The current images are: community, direction, history.

Create a Presentation-HOWTO

Current Status Draft Committed

As Gentoo becomes more mature every day, it is vital that the presentations we give about Gentoo use a consistent layout and are professional-looking. Although we don't want to force developers into using our presentation styles (and possibly content) they are advised to read up on a guide that explains them how professional presentations are made.

This guide should not only contain pointers to succesful presentation tips, but also provide a technical rundown on the requirements we give in order to accept a presentation as "Gentoo official". This means that the used fonts, styles, content separation, structure, ... should be all well-defined.

The draft is available as the Presentation-HOWTO.

Maintain a Presentation Repository

Current Status (Depends) Waiting for the Presentation-HOWTO

In many cases developers are interested in giving presentations but don't find the necessary resources to create a presentation themselves. We should be able to provide "off the shelf" presentations with correct and up to date information about Gentoo or a specific Gentoo subject that developers (or interested people) can use.

Project Mission Statements and Development

Current Status (Depends) Waiting for Presentation-HOWTO

Every Gentoo project is required to have a well-written Mission Statement and sort-of roadmap. This information can be used to create presentations on each of the available projects. As Gentoo is a volunteer-driven project it is important that the community knows what projects are alive, what their mission statement is, what they have achieved already and where they are heading to.

By providing presentations on each of the projects users should be able to quickly grasp the essence of the projects. These presentations can also be used on the various community happenings to provide Gentoo with more visibility to the outside world.

Create Hand-Outs and Press Maps

Current Status Not yet started

For Gentoo to become (and stay) a top-level distribution we must not focus only to the Linux community, but also to more professional institutes, companies and other environments.

In many cases a decent press-map (which contains information about Gentoo, a collection of the slides given at the presentation, paper on which people can make notes, ...) is required before a presentation on Gentoo can be given at such formal events.

3.  Roadmap for the Press Coverage Project

4.  Roadmap for the Events Project

Maintain an Events Listing

Current Status Not started yet

An official document should be made available that lists all upcoming events Gentoo will attend. It should also provide an overview on the developers that will attend the event so people might meet face-to-face.

5.  Roadmap for the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter Project


Page updated February 16, 2004

Summary: As with any project, the PR project uses a clearly defined roadmap to guide its decisions.

Sven Vermeulen

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