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1.  Project Description

This project provides support for Ada compilers and libraries in portage. At present two gnat compilers are provided, gnat-gcc by FSF and gnat-gpl by AdaCore. Both are SLOTted and made to coexist, with the selection of the active compiler performed via the eselect gnat module. Various Ada libraries and related packages are available under dev-ada. The libs support the multi-compiler situation by being built for every gnat profile that is installed. Selection of the active lib variant is done simultaneously with the selection of the active compiler via the same eselect gnat command. More details on the setup can be found in the resource section below and the lengthy discussion that lead to this organization in bug #111340. The implementation of the structure is nearing completion. Its progress can be tracked via: bug #137268. "Old-style" dev-lang/gnat and dev-ada/asis packages have been masked and recently removed.

2.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
George Shapovalov george Lead

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

3.  Resources

Resources offered by the Ada project are:


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Summary: Gentoo Specific Support for Programming in Ada.

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