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Frequence Asked questions about the TreeCleaner Project

1.  Gentoo TreeCleaner Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a Gentoo Developer. Will TreeCleaners remove my package for me?

Short answer: no. The TreeCleaner project encourages maintainers to remove their own packages. If you no longer wish to maintain a package, you should consider reassigning it to maintainer-needed, to indicate its unmaintained status.

TreeCleaners are removing a package I use! What should I do?

Please comment on the removal bug (it should be apparent in the masking). If there isn't one, please tell us in #gentoo-qa on If you are interested in maintaining the package, you should contact the proxy-maintainer project by emailing

What resources do TreeCleaners provide?

TreeCleaners provide some documentation on their policy. We also provide some tools to aid package maintainer who wish to mask/remove a package. We have an overlay where removed packages are moved to and we hope to have a database containing treecleaner information (package removal history etc) available soon.

Cool. Where can I get these scripts?


How to get files out of the cvs attic

Take a look at

I'm a Gentoo dev. I want to fix a maintainer-needed package. Do I have to support it forever now?

Not at all. While the 'you clean up your own mess' rule applies, it only applies to that commit - you are not expected to look after that package any more.

I'm a Gentoo dev, and want to join the TreeCleaner project

Great! Please read up on TreeCleaner policy and then drop into #gentoo-qa on and talk to antarus (project lead).

I don't understand something in this FAQ!

Please join #gentoo-qa on, or mail if you want clarification on any of TreeCleaner's policies, or any decisions that have been made by TreeCleaners.


Page updated November 4, 2010

Summary: This guide covers questions frequently asked by users of Gentoo Linux about the TreeCleaner project.

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