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MPlayer, xine-lib: vulnerabilities in RTSP stream handling


1.  Gentoo Linux Security Advisory

Version Information

Advisory Reference GLSA 200405-24 / mplayer
Release Date May 28, 2004
Latest Revision May 28, 2004: 01
Impact high
Exploitable remote
Package Vulnerable versions Unaffected versions Architecture(s)
media-video/mplayer < 1.0_pre4 >= 1.0_pre4, <= 0.92-r1 All supported architectures
media-libs/xine-lib < 1_rc4 >= 1_rc4, <= 0.9.13-r3 All supported architectures

Related bugreports: #49387


Multiple vulnerabilities, including remotely exploitable buffer overflows, have been found in code common to MPlayer and the xine library.

2.  Impact Information


MPlayer is a movie player capable of handling multiple multimedia file formats. xine-lib is a multimedia player library used by several graphical user interfaces, including xine-ui. They both use the same code to handle Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) streams from RealNetworks servers.


Multiple vulnerabilities have been found and fixed in the RTSP handling code common to recent versions of these two packages. These vulnerabilities include several remotely exploitable buffer overflows.


A remote attacker, posing as a RTSP stream server, can execute arbitrary code with the rights of the user of the software playing the stream (MPlayer or any player using xine-lib). Another attacker may entice a user to use a maliciously crafted URL or playlist to achieve the same results.

3.  Resolution Information


For MPlayer, there is no known workaround at this time. For xine-lib, you can delete the file.


All users should upgrade to non-vulnerable versions of MPlayer and xine-lib:

Code Listing 3.1: Resolution

# emerge sync
# emerge -pv ">=media-video/mplayer-1.0_pre4"
# emerge ">=media-video/mplayer-1.0_pre4"
# emerge -pv ">=media-libs/xine-lib-1_rc4"
# emerge ">=media-libs/xine-lib-1_rc4"

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Page updated May 28, 2004

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