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Snort: Remote execution of arbitrary code


1.  Gentoo Linux Security Advisory

Version Information

Advisory Reference GLSA 200703-01 / snort
Release Date February 23, 2007
Latest Revision March 02, 2007: 02
Impact high
Exploitable remote
Package Vulnerable versions Unaffected versions Architecture(s)
net-analyzer/snort < >= All supported architectures

Related bugreports: #167730


The Snort DCE/RPC preprocessor contains a buffer overflow that could result in the remote execution of arbitrary code.

2.  Impact Information


Snort is a widely deployed intrusion detection program.


The Snort DCE/RPC preprocessor does not properly reassemble certain types of fragmented SMB and DCE/RPC packets.


A remote attacker could send specially crafted fragmented SMB or DCE/RPC packets, without the need to finish the TCP handshake, that would trigger a stack-based buffer overflow while being reassembled. This could lead to the execution of arbitrary code with the permissions of the user running the Snort preprocessor.

3.  Resolution Information


Disable the DCE/RPC processor by commenting the 'preprocessor dcerpc' section in /etc/snort/snort.conf .


All Snort users should upgrade to the latest version:

Code Listing 3.1: Resolution

# emerge --sync
# emerge --ask --oneshot --verbose ">=net-analyzer/snort-"

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Summary: This is a Gentoo Linux Security Advisory

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