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1.  Gentoo 문서 자료

지원 언어

Gentoo 문서자료는 다음과 같은 언어도 지원합니다:

브라질 포르투갈어 | 덴마크어 | 영어 | 핀란드어 | 프랑스어 | 독일어 | 이탈리아어 | 일본어 | 한국어 | 폴란드어 | 로마니아어 | 러시아어 | 스페인어 | 중국어


Gentoo 문서자료 페이지에 방문하신 것을 환영합니다. 이 페이지에서 Gentoo 가 제공하는 문서를 확인할 수 있습니다. 대부분의 문서는 공개 문서 라이센스인 Creative Commons - Attribution / Share Alike 를 따릅니다. 모든 문서는 프린트 하기 쉽게 되어 있습니다. 프린트를 하기 위해 URL 에 ?style=printable를 추가하면 됩니다. 또한 각 문서의 오른쪽 상단에 "프린트" 링크에서 프린트 할 수 있습니다.

만약 문서에서 버그를 찾았다던지, 제안할 사항이 있다면, Gentoo 버그 트래킹 시스템의 "Docs-developer" 혹은 "Docs-user" 란을 이용해 주십시오. 제출된 버그는 Gentoo 문서 프로젝트 에 의해 수정되어질 것입니다.

문서 저장소(Repository)

Gentoo 문서들은 카테고리로 분류되어있고, 계층적으로 탐색가능합니다. 전체 문서의 차례를 원하신다면, 문서 목록 페이지를 방문해 주십시오.

2.  Gentoo 데스크탑 환경 문서

데스크탑에 설치하기

The X Server Configuration HOWTO: Xorg is the X Window server which allows users to have a graphical environment at their fingertips. This HOWTO explains what Xorg is, how to install it and what the various configuration options are.

Gentoo Linux nVidia Guide: Many Gentooists have an nVidia chipset on their system. nVidia provides specific Linux drivers to boost the performance of your card. This guide informs you how to install and configure these drivers.

Gentoo Linux ATI FAQ: This FAQ should help users avoid some common installation and configuration issues related to DRI and X11 for AMD/ATI boards.

The KDE Configuration HOWTO: One of the most used desktop environments is KDE. This guide tries to describe all aspects of KDE, including installation, configuration and usage.

The GNOME Configuration HOWTO: A frequently used environment is GNOME. This HOWTO tries to describe all aspects of GNOME, including installation, configuration, usage, ...

The Fluxbox Configuration HOWTO: This howto will show you how to set up the Fluxbox window manager for X11.

데스크탑 설정

Using UTF-8 with Gentoo: This guide shows you how to set up and use the UTF-8 Unicode character set with your Gentoo Linux system, after explaining the benefits of Unicode and more specifically UTF-8.

Gentoo Linux ALSA Guide: This document helps a user setup ALSA on Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo Java Guide: This guide will introduce you to Java and explain how to use Java with Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo Linux Localization Guide: This guide should help users localize their Gentoo Linux distribution to any European locale. It uses Germany as a case-study, since it is translated from the German doc. Includes configuration for use of the euro currency symbol.

Hardware 3D Acceleration Guide: This document is a guide to getting 3D acceleration working using the DRM with Xorg in Gentoo Linux.

Power Management Guide: In recent years, power management has become one of the differentiating features in the quest for finding the perfect laptop. Yet, the operating system must support the various power saving functionalities too. In this guide, we cover how to setup your Gentoo installation so it manages power-hungry resources in a flexible yet automated manner.

사용자 프로그램 관련 문서

Nano Basics Guide: This guide is meant to be a simple introduction to nano. It will quickly help you to become familiar with its basic operation.

Learning vi -- the "cheatsheet" technique: This guide will teach you how to use vi, using a cheat sheet method to accelerate the learning process. This will be the first guide for vi, catering to beginners.

GnuPG Gentoo User Guide: This small guide will teach you the basics of using GnuPG, a tool for secure communication.

QuickStart Guide to Mutt E-Mail: This guide shows you how to begin using the powerful command line e-mail client mutt.

Streaming Radio With SHOUTcast: This guide will walk through the steps needed to setup a streaming radio server with SHOUTcast Server and SHOUTcast Trans.

Gentoo Linux Keychain Guide: This document describes how to use ssh shared keys along with the keychain program. It assumes basic knowledge of public key cryptography.

¹ 번역안된 파일들

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