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1.  Gentoo 리눅스 문서

  • 자주 묻는 질문
  • 설치 관련 자료
    • 설치 가이드
      • Gentoo Handbook ¹
        The Gentoo Handbook is an effort to centralise documentation into a coherent handbook. This handbook contains the installation instructions for internet-based installation approaches and parts about working with Gentoo and Portage.
      • Gentoo Linux x86 빠른 설치 가이드
        빠른 설치 가이드는 간략한 방법으로 Gentoo 설치 과정을 알아봅니다. 만약 이 가이드로 설치를 원하는 사용자들은 이미 Gentoo Linux 설치에 경험이 있어야 합니다.
    • 기타 설치 관련 문서
      • The Gentoo Linux alternative installation method HOWTO
        This HOWTO is meant to be a repository of alternative Gentoo installation methods, for those with special installation needs such as lack of a cdrom or a computer that can't boot cds.
      • Gentoo LVM2 installation
        This guide describes how to setup your Gentoo machine using the Logical Volume Manager version 2 (LVM2).
      • Gentoo/x86 Installation Tips & Tricks
        The Gentoo installation allows for very flexible approaches to the various installation methods. As it is almost impossible to insert every single tip or trick in the installation instructions this document tries to deal with all submitted tips and tricks for reference purposes.
      • Gentoo 1.4 Upgrade Guide ¹
        A method for upgrading older Gentoo installations in place to Gentoo 1.4
      • Gentoo Upgrading Guide
        This document explains how new Gentoo releases affect existing installs.
      • The complete Gentoo Linux 2.6 migration guide
        This document will aid you in the process of migrating from Linux 2.4 to Linux 2.6, devfs to udev, OSS to ALSA, and LVM to LVM2.
      • 젠투 리눅스 genkernel 가이드
        이 가이드는 genkerl이 제공하는 모든 함수들의 참조를 제공할 목적으로 만들어졌습니다.
      • Gentoo/MIPS Linux Hardware Requirements
        This document provides an overview of the status of various MIPS-based systems for installing Gentoo Linux. If you find errors or omissions please email the maintainer or an editor.
      • Gentoo Grub Error Collection
        The objective of this error collection is to list the GRUB problems and errors people can be facing. All these solutions have been acquired through the cooperation of many users of the Gentoo Forums.
      • Gentoo Linux USB Guide
        This document helps a user setup USB on a Gentoo system and configure various USB devices as well.
  • Gentoo 데스크탑 환경 문서
    • 데스크탑에 설치하기
      • The X Server Configuration HOWTO
        Xorg is the X Window server which allows users to have a graphical environment at their fingertips. This HOWTO explains what Xorg is, how to install it and what the various configuration options are.
      • Gentoo Linux nVidia Guide
        Many Gentooists have an nVidia chipset on their system. nVidia provides specific Linux drivers to boost the performance of your card. This guide informs you how to install and configure these drivers.
      • Gentoo Linux ATI FAQ
        This FAQ should help users avoid some common installation and configuration issues related to DRI and X11 for AMD/ATI boards.
      • The KDE Configuration HOWTO
        One of the most used desktop environments is KDE. This guide tries to describe all aspects of KDE, including installation, configuration and usage.
      • The GNOME Configuration HOWTO
        A frequently used environment is GNOME. This HOWTO tries to describe all aspects of GNOME, including installation, configuration, usage, ...
      • The Fluxbox Configuration HOWTO
        This howto will show you how to set up the Fluxbox window manager for X11.
    • 데스크탑 설정
      • Using UTF-8 with Gentoo
        This guide shows you how to set up and use the UTF-8 Unicode character set with your Gentoo Linux system, after explaining the benefits of Unicode and more specifically UTF-8.
      • Gentoo Linux ALSA Guide
        This document helps a user setup ALSA on Gentoo Linux.
      • Gentoo Java Guide
        This guide will introduce you to Java and explain how to use Java with Gentoo Linux.
      • Gentoo Linux Localization Guide
        This guide should help users localize their Gentoo Linux distribution to any European locale. It uses Germany as a case-study, since it is translated from the German doc. Includes configuration for use of the euro currency symbol.
      • Hardware 3D Acceleration Guide
        This document is a guide to getting 3D acceleration working using the DRM with Xorg in Gentoo Linux.
      • Power Management Guide
        In recent years, power management has become one of the differentiating features in the quest for finding the perfect laptop. Yet, the operating system must support the various power saving functionalities too. In this guide, we cover how to setup your Gentoo installation so it manages power-hungry resources in a flexible yet automated manner.
    • 사용자 프로그램 관련 문서
      • Nano Basics Guide
        This guide is meant to be a simple introduction to nano. It will quickly help you to become familiar with its basic operation.
      • Learning vi -- the "cheatsheet" technique
        This guide will teach you how to use vi, using a cheat sheet method to accelerate the learning process. This will be the first guide for vi, catering to beginners.
      • GnuPG Gentoo User Guide
        This small guide will teach you the basics of using GnuPG, a tool for secure communication.
      • QuickStart Guide to Mutt E-Mail
        This guide shows you how to begin using the powerful command line e-mail client mutt.
      • Streaming Radio With SHOUTcast
        This guide will walk through the steps needed to setup a streaming radio server with SHOUTcast Server and SHOUTcast Trans.
      • Gentoo Linux Keychain Guide
        This document describes how to use ssh shared keys along with the keychain program. It assumes basic knowledge of public key cryptography.
  • Gentoo 시스템 관련 문서
    • Portage 관련 문서
      • A Portage Introduction ¹
        This chapter explains the "simple" steps a user definitely needs to know to maintain the software on his system.
      • Portage Features ¹
        Discover the features Portage has, such as support for distributed compiling, ccache and more.
      • Working with Portage ¹
        "Working with Portage" provides an in-depth coverage of Portage, Gentoo's Software Management Tool.
      • USE flags ¹
        USE flags are a very important aspect of Gentoo. In this chapter, you learn to work with USE flags and understand how USE flags interact with your system.
      • Gentoolkit
        Gentoolkit is a suite of tools to ease the administration of a Gentoo system. This document covers the basics of some of the tools present in Gentoolkit.
      • Gentoo For Mac OS X
        This guide has been removed
    • Gentoo 설정하기
      • Environment Variables ¹
        With Gentoo you can easily manage the environment variables for your system. This chapter explains how you do that, and also describes frequently used variables.
      • Initscripts ¹
        Gentoo uses a special initscript format which, amongst other features, allows dependency-driven decisions and virtual initscripts. This chapter explains all these aspects and explains how to deal with these scripts.
    • Gentoo 의 선택
  • 시스템 관리 문서
    • 일반적인 시스템 관리
      • Using UTF-8 with Gentoo
        This guide shows you how to set up and use the UTF-8 Unicode character set with your Gentoo Linux system, after explaining the benefits of Unicode and more specifically UTF-8.
      • Gentoo Security Handbook ¹
        This handbook is a step-by-step guide for hardening Gentoo Linux.
      • Gentoo Linux Prelink Guide
        This guide tells you how to make use of prelink support in Portage 2.0.46 and later.
      • Gentoo IPv6 Router Guide
        This guide shows how to setup IPv6 on a Gentoo system. This includes establishing a tunnel with a tunnel broker, some basic DNS configuration and configuring clients to use the system to connect to IPv6 addresses.
      • Gentoo Linux Developer's guide to system testing with User-Mode Linux
        This guide shows Gentoo Linux developers how to set up and use user-mode linux for testing potentially system-breaking changes.
      • Gentoo Linux Localization Guide
        This guide should help users localize their Gentoo Linux distribution to any European locale. It uses Germany as a case-study, since it is translated from the German doc. Includes configuration for use of the euro currency symbol.
      • Gentoo Linux Cron Guide
        This guide describes how to setup and use cron.
      • Gentoo Linux Kernel Upgrade Guide
        This document describes the process of upgrading your kernel from one release to another.
    • 관리 세부 가이드
      • Diskless Nodes with Gentoo
        This HOWTO will help you create setup diskless nodes with Gentoo Linux.
      • Gentoo Distcc Documentation
        This document serves as a HOWTO for using distcc with Gentoo.
      • Device File System Guide
        In this document you'll find information on what devfs is really about and how to work with it.
      • Gentoo udev Guide
        This document explains what udev is and how you can use udev to fit your needs.
      • Gentoo Printing Guide
        This document covers the installation and maintenance of printers using CUPS and Samba. It covers local installation and networked installations and you'll also find instructions on using shared printers from other operating systems.
      • Gentoo Linux OpenAFS Guide
        This guide shows you how to install an OpenAFS server and client on Gentoo Linux.
      • Virtual Mailhosting System with Postfix Guide
        This document details how to create a virtual mailhosting system based upon postfix, mysql, courier-imap, and cyrus-sasl.
      • Gentoo mailfiltering gateway guide
        This guide is step-by-step guide for installing spam fighting technologies for Postfix. Among them Amavisd-new using Spamassassin and ClamAV, greylisting and SPF.
      • netqmail/vpopmail Virtual Mail Hosting System Guide
        This document details how to create a mail hosting system based upon netqmail, vpopmail, courier-imap, mysql, and horde's imp.
      • Gentoo Linux based Netboot HOWTO
        Guide for setting up a netboot server for use with the Gentoo/SPARC netboot installation images.
      • OpenBoot PROM (OBP) Reference
        The OpenBoot PROM (OBP) Reference provides a list of useful OBP commands that can help when booting, configuring and performing diagnostics upon Sun SPARC hardware and clones.
      • Gentoo Samba3/CUPS HOWTO
        Setup, install and configure a Samba server under Gentoo that shares files and printers without the need to install drivers.
      • Home Router Guide
        This document details how to turn an old Gentoo machine into a router for connecting your home network to the internet.
      • Gentoo Linux-VServer Howto
        In this Howto you will learn to setup a basic virtual server using the Linux-VServer Technology
      • Gentoo Guide to OpenLDAP Authentication
        This guide introduces the basics of LDAP and shows you how to setup OpenLDAP for authentication purposes between a group of Gentoo boxes.
      • Gentoo Linux Keychain Guide
        This document describes how to use ssh shared keys along with the keychain program. It assumes basic knowledge of public key cryptography.
      • High Performance Computing on Gentoo Linux
        This document was written by people at the Adelie Linux R&D Center <> as a step-by-step guide to turn a Gentoo System into a High Performance Computing (HPC) system.
  • Gentoo 개발 관련 문서
    • Gentoo Developer Handbook ¹
      This is the Gentoo Developer Handbook, a continuing effort to centralize development policies across Gentoo and to also outline Gentoo's development systems and procedures.
    • 개발 관련 문서
      • Contributing Ebuilds
        This guide explains how to submit ebuild packages through the Bugzilla tracking system.
      • Gentoo GuideXML Guide ¹
        This guide shows you how to compose web documentation using the new lightweight Gentoo GuideXML syntax. This syntax is the official format for Gentoo documentation, and this document itself was created using GuideXML. This guide assumes a basic working knowledge of XML and HTML.
      • Documentation Development Tips & Tricks ¹
        Some tips & tricks that make the life for a Gentoo Documentation Developer easier
      • Gentoo Linux CVS Tutorial
        This tutorial introduces readers to CVS, the Concurrent Versions System, used by developers around the world to develop software in a flexible and collaborative manner. Intended for those new to CVS, this tutorial will get both general users and new developers up to speed quickly. Whether you'd like to use CVS to "check out" the latest sources of a particular software package, or whether you'd like to begin using CVS as a full-fledged developer, this tutorial is for you.
  • 프로젝트 세부 사항
    • 기본 프로젝트 문서
      • 개발자 관련 문서
      • 문서화 프로젝트 관련 문서
        • Gentoo Linux Documentation Policy ¹
          This document contains the Gentoo Documentation Policy, which is the base document which all Gentoo Documentation developers and Contributors should know and exercise.
        • Documentation Development Tips & Tricks ¹
          Some tips & tricks that make the life for a Gentoo Documentation Developer easier
        • Translators Howto for Gentoo Documentation ¹
          A frequently asked question is how to become a translator and what actions should be performed both to become one and to act as one. This document tries to explain all this.
        • Gentoo Metadoc XML Guide ¹
          This guide informs developers how to use the Metadoc XML format that allows the Gentoo Documentation Project to keep its documentation in a hierarchical manner and allow more information to be stored about each document.
      • Meta 구조 관련 문서
        • Gentoo ProjectXML Guide ¹
          This guide shows you how to create an official GuideXML page for a Gentoo Linux Project. The guide assumes a basic knowledge of the GuideXML format.
      • 공개에 관한 프로젝트 문서
      • 배포 관련 프로젝트 문서
    • 공식 문서들
      • Gentoo 기사들
        • Making the distribution, Part 1 ¹
          Each of us has a story to tell about our experiences with Linux. This is Daniel Robbins' Linux story. In this first of three articles, he talks about how he became a Stampede Linux developer, and why he eventually left Stampede to start his own distribution called Enoch.
        • Making the distribution, Part 2 ¹
          In his previous article, Daniel Robbins told the story of how he became a Stampede Linux developer and why he eventually left Stampede to start the Enoch Linux distribution. In this go-round he lets you in on the strange events that happened after the Enoch development team discovered a little-known, blazingly fast compiler.
        • Making the distribution, Part 3 ¹
          This article concludes his story -- about how he ended up creating his own distribution called Gentoo Linux. He wraps up the series by telling how he left the Linux world to move to FreeBSD, and then came back to the Linux world, restarting Gentoo Linux development with a fresh perspective. In addition to comparing Linux and FreeBSD in a number of areas, he also describe current Gentoo Linux development progress and share a future vision for the distribution.
      • Learning Linux 기사들
        • Bash by example, Part 1 ¹
          By learning how to program in the bash scripting language, your day-to-day interaction with Linux will become more fun and productive, and you'll be able to build upon those standard UNIX constructs (like pipelines and redirection) that you already know and love. In this three-part series, Daniel Robbins will teach you how to program in bash by example. He'll cover the absolute basics (making this an excellent series for beginners) and bring in more advanced features as the series proceeds.
        • Bash by example, Part 2 ¹
          In his introductory article on bash, Daniel Robbins walked you through some of the scripting language's basic elements and reasons for using bash. In this, the second installment, Daniel picks up where he left off and looks at bash's basic constructs like conditional (if-then) statements, looping, and more.
        • Bash by example, Part 3 ¹
          In his final Bash by example article, Daniel Robbins takes a good look at the Gentoo Linux ebuild system, an excellent example of the power of bash. Step by step, he shows you how the ebuild system was implemented, and touches on many handy bash techniques and design strategies. By the end of the article, you'll have a good grasp of what's involved in producing a full-blown bash-based application, as well as a start at coding your own auto-build system.
        • LPI certification 101 (release 2) exam prep, Part 1 ¹
          In this tutorial, we'll introduce you to bash (the standard Linux shell), show you how to take full advantage of standard Linux commands like ls, cp, and mv, explain inodes and hard and symbolic links, and much more. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a solid grounding in Linux fundamentals and will even be ready to begin learning some basic Linux system administration tasks.
        • LPI certification 101 (release 2) exam prep, Part 2 ¹
          In this tutorial, you will learn how to use regular expressions to search files for text patterns, how to locate files on your system, and how to take full control of Linux processes. You'll even get a whirlwind introduction to shell pipelines, redirection, and text processing commands. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a solid grounding in basic Linux administration and will be ready to begin learning more advanced Linux system administration skills in the follow-on tutorial.
      • DeveloperWorks 일반 주제들
        • Dynamic iptables firewalls ¹
          Firewalls are good and fun, but what do you do when you need to make rapid, complex changes to your firewall rules? Easy. Use Daniel Robbins' dynamic firewall scripts that are demonstrated in this article. You can use these scripts to increase your network security and responsiveness, and to inspire your own creative designs.
    • 기타 문서

    ¹ 번역안된 파일들

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