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Gentoo Financial Report, Q3 2005

1.  Gentoo Financial Report, Q3 2005

Income for January 1, 2005 through March 31, 2005

Source Amount (in USD)
Paypal Donations $4,009.60
Vendor Contributions* $500.00
Store Contributions $0.00*
Grants $0.00
Total Income $4,509.60

Expenditures for January 1, 2005 through March 31, 2005

Category Amount (in USD)
Hardware $0.00
Services $0.00
Events $0.00
Promotional $0.00
Developers (bounties, etc) $0.00
Service Fees (bank, etc) $168.70
Legal fees (filings, trademark, etc) $0.00
Total Expenditures $168.70

Foundation Balance

Balance from Q4-2004 $0.00
Income for Q3-2005 $4,509.60
Expenditures for Q3-2005 $168.70
Ending balance for Q3-2005 $4,340.90

Hardware acquisitions for the quarter (via donations or extended loans)

No additional hardware was acquired by the Foundation in this quarter.

*Notes for this quarter

  • Number of paypal donations in the quarter: 106
  • The Foundation has received checks from the Gentoo Store to deposit. This funding should be received and posted in the next quarter
  • Some Foundation money was paid out directly from the store for legal fees incurred by the Foundation, however, we do not have a detailed list of such transactions for this quarter
  • As our paypal fundraising began late in the quarter, there has not been much time for expenditures in this quarter.
  • Vendor contributions come from vendors listed in


Page updated April 2, 2005

Summary: Quarterly financial report for the Gentoo Foundation

Corey Shields

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