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Gentoo Financial Report, Q4 2005

1.  Gentoo Financial Report, Q4 2005

Income for April 1, 2005 through July 30, 2005

Source Amount (in USD)
Paypal Donations $4,201.27
Vendor Contributions $0.00
Store Contributions* $1,500.00
Grants $0.00
Total Income $5,701.27

Expenditures for April 1, 2005 through June 30, 2005

Category Amount (in USD)
Hardware $351.46*
Services $145.35
Events $0.00
Promotional $0.00
Developers (bounties, etc) $0.00
Banking Fees (paypal, etc) $190.59
Legal fees (filings, trademark, etc) $0.00
Total Expenditures $687.40

Foundation Balance

Balance from Q3-2005 $4,340.90
Income for Q4-2005 $5,701.27
Expenditures for Q4-2005 $687.40
Ending balance for Q4-2005 $9,354.77

Hardware acquisitions for the quarter (via donations or extended loans)

  • An IBM OpenPower 720 server and Hardware Management Console for the PPC64 team - extended loan from IBM
  • 3 dual opteron motherboards with processors and RAM for the AMD64 and Release Engineering teams - donation from AMD

*Notes for this quarter

  • Number of paypal donations in the quarter: 128
  • The store contributions in this quarter came from the old site ran by Daniel Robbins. Future store contributions will come from the new cafepress site.
  • An AMD64 hardware purchase was approved for $200. The rest was subsidized by individual donations from the AMD64 team that show in the Foundation's paypal figure


Page updated July 7, 2005

Summary: Quarterly financial report for the Gentoo Foundation

Corey Shields

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