Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Annual General Meeting 2009

Secretary's Report

Author Matthew Summers | quantumsummers | Gentoo Foundation Secretary | Trustee


  1. Membership & Milestones
  2. Communication
  3. Trustee Election
  4. Knowledge Management

1. Membership & Milestones

Following the approval of the membership amendment to the bylaws at the November 16, 2008 meeting, the board of trustees opened foundation membership to community members in addition to Gentoo developers. In the endeavor to facilitate a greater sense of community and foster communication between the developers and the users of Gentoo and open source software in general, the Trustees are very pleased to extend an invitation to all interested individuals to apply for foundation membership. All applications will be considered on the basis of merit and the extent of their contributions to Gentoo and/or the Open Source ecosystem.

As of this meeting we have a total membership of 214 individuals, of which 75 are non-developer or ex-developer community members. Regarding membership changes, there have been two resignations, and four members have been provisionally removed from the foundation-announce mailing list due to missing valid email addresses. Current Standard Operating Procedure states that a member may be removed from the rolls if they have not voted in two consecutive elections.

A major milestone for the Foundation was the approval of the Bylaws in August of 2008. This accomplishment will facilitate the work of the Foundation into the future.

Another milestone for the Foundation was the appointment of the first non-dev, non-trustee officer, Matthew Summers. Matthew has since become a developer and is working towards completion of the ebuild quiz in hopes of further contribution to Gentoo.

2. Communication

As the Foundation seeks to improve interaction with the developer and user communities, the trustees and officers implemented a new mailing list specifically for Foundation announcements, and thus fulfilling our legal obligations regarding channels of communication with our members and the world at large. Look to this list, gentoo-foundation-announce, now and in the future for all important communications from the Foundation. The announce list supplements the gentoo-nfp list where more general discourse is welcomed. Of course, the trustees and officers are always available via the Foundation email alias and on the Freenode IRC channel #gentoo-trustees.

Archives of both lists can be found below:

3. Trustee Election

The Board of Trustees election for the term 2009 to 2011 concluded March 29th 23:59 UTC. Results were distributed on April 1st 2009 thereby electing Robin Johnson (aka robbat2) and Matthew Summers (aka quantumsummers) to the board.

The statistics for this election, provided by the election team state that of 208 eligible voters, 80 valid ballots were submitted and received. This is a turnout of 38.46%. Many thanks go to the election team for all their efforts!

4. Knowedge Management

Continuity of governance is a concept of great importance in the non-profit world, and the case of the Gentoo Foundation, Inc. is no exception. Following the trustees election of 2008, the new board members found the state of the Foundation in peril with very little to assist in picking up the pieces. Thus, it is necessary to provide for such things as disaster recovery and other circumstances that require a long view over the history of an entity such as the Gentoo Foundation. In addition to this, it is quite convenient to have easy access to things like IRS and state documents, financial and donor data, membership rosters, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and the list continues.

Towards this, Matthew Summers has created a prototype web application suite to address these needs. It is written in Python and uses the Django web framework. The work is progressing very well and is on target for an initial deployment in June 2009. A full specification will be published prior to deployment, and as work moves closer toward completion.

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