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Gentoo Trustees Monthly Meeting - Sunday, 13 Dec 2009
Posted on December 12, 2009 by David Abbott


Time and Venue

Sunday, 13 Dec 2009 1900 UTC on #gentoo-trustees


  1. Roll Call
  2. Meeting is being logged, and robbat2 is posting.
  3. Old Business
    • Treasurers Report - tsunam
      • Updating Registration in NM
    • quantumsummers
      • SFLC Update
      • Certified Public Accountant (Quotes)
      • KM - quantumsummers
        • Email Record Keeping
        • Can we use this system for emails? (dabbott)
      • Membership Applications Status (See 6.)
    • robbat2
      • Meeting Minutes Need Updating
      • Rotating Sidebar Progress
    • dabbott
      • Get Gentoo | Gentoo Stores
      • Links Need Updating
      • Emails Received and Status
    • neddyseagoon
      • Robert Buchholz
      • Gentoo Developer Certificate
    • Trustee Mail
    • Special Member Voting
      • Ads on the sidebar
  4. Open Bugs
  5. New Business
    • OSUOSL Donation
    • Give $6 For 6
    • Ned Ludd (solar)
    • This would be good if we could shift $600(min) to $1560(max) USD to this cause. $600 is far less then the power we have used over the years thanks to the OSL. The $1560 number comes from the math of (260 devs * $6 each)
  6. Membership Applications - if you have applied and you are not listed below, please remind the trustees
    • Gentoo Developers
      • Theo Chatzimichos
      • Nick: tampakrap
      • Status: Approved
      • Mounir Lamouri
      • Nick: volkmar
      • Status Approved
      • Dawid Weglinski
      • Nick: cla
      • Status Unknown
      • Dirkjan Ochtman
      • Nick: djc
      • Status Unknown
      • Dror Levin
      • Nick: spatz
      • Status Unknown
      • Ben de Groot
      • Nick: yngwin
      • Status Unknown
    • Community Members
      • Christophe Lefebvre
      • Contributions:
      • French Documentation
      • Status: Approved pending GPG key fingerprint.
      • Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas
      • Contributions:
      • Testing and reporting bugs, mainly KDE, Ati Radeon driver, and Portuguese localization.
      • Status: Approved
  7. Date of Next Meeting - 17th Jan 2010 19:00 UTC
  8. Any other business
  9. Open floor

Meeting Conduct

The channel will be open (not moderated) during the meeting unless there is so much chatter it becomes impossible to make progress.

Attendees can help by keeping questions to the end of an agenda item or the end of the meeting - your point may be covered during the discussion anyway.

Do not expect to bring up items in Any Other Business and get an instant response. Calm considered well reasoned emails to the trustees or opening a bug are the best ways to bring up new ideas.

Record Keeping

The meeting will be logged and both the full log and a summary of decisions will be made publicly available.

Page updated December 12, 2009

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