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2010 Gentoo Foundation Inc. Secretary's Report
Posted on May 7, 2010 by Matthew Summers


Community Milestones

Gentoo celebrated 10 Years of compiling with a new livedvd release and screenshot competition. The so-called Gentoo-Ten project continues to release regular updates to the live disks. Original artwork for the release was contributed by Ben Stedman.

501(c)(3) and SFLC

Towards the goal of tax-exempt status with IRS as a non-profit corporation and as well as the goal of maintaining general legal council for the Foundation and its members the board has engaged, pro bono, the Software Freedom Law Center.

Infra Purchases

Recently, one of Gentoo's long time sponsors underwent significant corporate restructuring that necessitated the migration of several key infrastructure services. To accomplish this the Foundation purchased 6 Atom-based server systems. These systems are hosted at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. Thanks to the OSL for supporting Gentoo!

Foundation Web Space

In the endeavour to communicate better with developers, our members,and the user community, we have added to the Foundation web space on the following pages:

Foundation Meeting Motions

Foundation 2010 Meeting Agenda and Logs

Foundation 2009 Meeting Agenda and Logs

Elections and Membership

As of the recording date established for the Trustee Election 31 January 2010 we have 217 Members.

Gentoo Foundation Trustees 2010-01

Previous Trustees re-elected, running unopposed in the Gentoo Foundation Trustees 2010 election.

Gentoo Foundation Referendum 2009-01

This election was held to determine whether or not the Foundation should accept financial contributions from organizations that use Gentoo.

53 votes cast yielding a turnout of 25%.

  • 46 yes
  • 6 no
  • 1 present

Page updated May 7, 2010

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