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2011 Gentoo Foundation Inc. Secretary's Report


1.  Membership

  • Total Members following the 2011 Trustees Election:
    • 181
  • Removed Members Due to Non-vote in two consecutive elections:
    • 49
  • New Members since 2010/01/31 Recording date for 2010 Trustee Election:
    • 17

2.  2011 Trustees Election

The election for Gentoo Foundation Trustees has concluded. We had 229 eligible voters with 76 voting for a turnout of ~33%.

  • Final ranked list:
    • Robin H. Johnson - incumbent - 2nd term
    • Matthew W. Summers - incumbent - 2nd term
    • Rich Freeman - 1st term

Congratulations to the returning board members and our new board member, Mr. Rich Freeman.

3.  Treasurer's Report

Not Finished, pending latest statements and audit.

4.  Legal Status

  1. New Mexico
    • New Mexico Standing Good
    • Annual Report Filing Deadline in Nov. 15th
  2. Federal
    • We have our EIN, but we do not have official 501(c)(3) status yet.
  3. Taxes (June end of fiscal period)
    • None with NW
    • 990 due Nov. 15th

Note: Potential IRS Liability: There is no statute of limitations on tax filings in the US. (abatement request upon filing delinquent 990-EZs from 2005.) No federal taxes known to be filed since incorporation.

  1. Remedy
    • Primary Tasks - First two tasks are to be accomplished in parallel.
    • Craft and File 1023 Form
      • The 1023 Form has several components. The following points are the main elements.
      • Craft Mission Statement given existing material.
      • Craft statement regarding reason why Gentoo Foundation has missed the 27 month post-incorporation filing deadline.
      • Audit Bylaws (need attorney review) for content and consistency with Mission Statement.
      • Schedule of assets for each year.
      • Audit all Foundation web pages for content and consistency.
      • Produce budgets for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Our previous years budgets will simply include the infra budget as a line item (with expenditure) and any other expenditures and revenues. Budget forecast for 2012 and 2013 will require input from the board. Budget for 2011 is roughly the same as 2009, 2010.

File Back Taxes (2005 to present using form 990-EZ)

Based on the current available info, we have been acting as a non-profit for the duration of the Foundation's existence. Cost is $350 to $500 each filing depending on complexity for CPA filing assistance.

File 2010-2011 Fiscal Year Taxes by Nov. 15th.

Consider filing for operations in the state of Missouri. The motivation being that I, as Secretary, can establish a bank account locally that will provide greater ease of access, debit card, and potentially credit card for general use. The filing fee and paperwork is trivial. Further, this will allow the establishment of a formal office and mailing address locally to facilitate ease of obtaining access to formal correspondence by mail.

  • Costs:
    • 1023 Filing: filing fee to IRS $850
    • ~CPA for assistance ~$1000
    • Past 990-EZ (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) $1750 to $2500
    • Current 990-EZ (2010) $350 to $500


Page updated April 17, 2011

Summary: 2011 Gentoo Foundation Inc. Secretary's Report

Matthew Summers

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