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2012 Gentoo Foundation Inc. Secretary's Report


1.  Introduction

I am pleased to report that in general the Gentoo Foundation is doing well. This document is an overview of some of the tasks that the foundation helps with and new developments within the community. I accepted the position of Secretary, to free up some of Matthew Summers's time to devote to the duties as the Treasurer. He is working closely with our CPA firm.

2.  Membership

  • Total Members as of recording date 2012/06/17:
    • 241
  • Removed Members Due to Non-vote in two consecutive elections:
    • 0
  • New Members since 06/01/2011:
    • 4

3.  2012 Trustees Election

The election for Gentoo Foundation Trustees has concluded. We had 229 eligible voters with 76 voting for a turnout of ~33%.

4.  Legal Status

  1. New Mexico
    • New Mexico Standing Good
    • Annual Report Filing Deadline: Nov. 15th

5.  Infrastructure

The Gentoo Infrastructure since Jan 2011 has had 11 new machines added and 7 retired. The Gentoo foundation would like to thank the entire infra team. Their knowledge, dedication, and tireless attention to detail assures us that every phase of our infrastructure runs smooth, and rivals much larger projects.

  • New Additions:
    • dipper (Purchased box, hosted @ OSL)
    • gentoo{1,2} (Purchased thanks to GOOG, hosted @ OSL for Ganeti VMsL)
    • starling (VM, new sponsor Qube)
    • mynah (new sponsor Manitu)
    • quetzal (new sponsor Host Europe)
    • meadowlark (OSL VM)
    • yellow{bishop,hammer,head,leg} (Hyves, new bugzilla boxes)
  • Retired:
    • loon (, in service 2005)
    • hawk (IU, in service June 2004)
    • crane (IU, in service January 2004)
    • hummingbird (Hyves, hardware failure, in service May 2008)
    • pheasant (IU, in service 2004)
    • lark (OSL, in service 2003)
    • puffin (OSL VM, replaced by meadowlark, in service 2008)

6.  New Resources

Official Wiki

562 registered users, 40k visits with 80k page views/month. Users are most interested in recent technologies such as GRUB2 and the Raspberry Pi. Users mostly come from the US, Germany, Russia, the UK, and France.

Goals are to further extending official documentation presence (the Bluetooth guide for instance already is on the Wiki). Opening the system to non-English content. Getting more Gentoo projects to use the wiki for their day-to-day- work and migrating overlays.g.o wiki's over to the Gentoo wiki.


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Summary: 2012 Gentoo Foundation Inc. Secretary's Report

David Abbott

Matthew Summers

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