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2013 Gentoo Foundation Inc. Secretary's Report


1.  Introduction

I am pleased to report that in general the Gentoo Foundation is doing well. This year was my first to update the members list. To keep our members list current, members are removed if they do not vote for two consecutive elections. The list as of the recording date of 2013-05-19 is 113 members, down from 242. Comparing two results in 142 drops, 13 adds. Another first for me was initiating the Trustee election. An excellent asset for my duties is the Foundation Activity Tracker put together by Richard Freeman and maintained by the trustees. This tracker is a reminder of important dates and to document the process.

2.  Duties

  1. Update and post each months agenda and post it
  2. Update the motions and meeting log pages
  3. Review open bugs
  4. Review email and open bugs or add items to agenda
  5. Keep members list current
  6. Initiate Trustee election
  7. Send email announcing AGM 60 days in advance
  8. Review activity tracker and update as needed
  9. File annual report with NM

3.  Membership

  • Total Members as of recording date 2013/05/19:
    • 113
  • Removed Members Due to Non-vote in two consecutive elections:
    • 142
  • New Members since 06/17/2012:
    • 13, plus 3 since the recording date.

4.  2013 Trustees Election

We received 48 valid votes out from a total of 113 eligible voters, for a turnout of 42.4%.

5.  Legal Status

  1. New Mexico

6.  Resources

Official Wiki

982 registered users, 1,232,191 visits with 120k page views/month. Goals are to further extending official documentation, using the Translate extension, editors can translate articles using a gettext-like interface, to keep track of the status of the various translated strings and their English originals. Getting more Gentoo projects to use the wiki for their day-to-day- work and migrating overlays.g.o wiki's over to the Gentoo wiki.


Page updated August 18, 2013

Summary: 2013 Gentoo Foundation Inc. Secretary's Report

David Abbott

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