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Cosmetic changes to
Posted on April 8, 2005 by Xavier Neys


Some users have been complaining for a while that is not always as readable as they expect, the most annoying issue being that the fonts used on our site are ugly and too small. Code samples could be particularly hard to read indeed. Our stylesheet now specifies the font family as well as font names.

Here is a rundown of changes:

  • The logo in the top-left corner is now a single image instead of a table with two different pictures.
  • The main menu uses a slightly brighter colour, has more space between lines and has a link to Planet Gentoo.
  • Text is justified and flows under the icon on the main page and on news pages.
  • The thin black horizontal line in the right-hand column is now a simple border attribute, replacing yet another picture.
  • On newsitem pages, the "Posted on <date> by <author>" is now displayed in white as on the main page. It used to be black on blue.
  • Mozilla should not use the quirks mode anymore, fixing bug #76499.
  • Links from a printable page (with ?style=printable appended to its url) keep their printable status allowing users to browse in printable mode. This has been requested by visually-impaired users who have to enlarge font significantly. The printer-friendly pages are more suitable to them. This should fix bug #82199.
  • Wide code samples caused a horizontal scrollbar to appear and pushed the right-hand column off screen. An overflow:auto attribute has been added and browsers that support it will show a horizontal scrollbar inside each wide code sample. Please note that some browsers will ignore this attribute. A good example is our x86 Quick Install Guide.
  • Opera users have complained that some pages had a narrow content page and an insanely wide right-hand column. The fix closes bug #84749.
  • Some minor cosmetic changes that only a keen eye can notice.

If those changes created havoc in your favourite browser, do file a bug in our bug reporting system. Please try to give as many details as possible about the platform, browser, resolution, default font and size you are using. A snapshot showing the issue might be useful as well.

Page updated April 8, 2005

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