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Gentoo Monthly Newsletter: 28 July 2008


1.  Introduction

This month in the GMN

Welcome to the July issue of the Gentoo monthly newsletter!

As usual, you can discuss any aspect of this issue of the GMN in the corresponding forum thread. We look forward to hearing from you!

2.  Gentoo News

2008.0 Released!

Since our last issue, Gentoo Linux 2008.0 has been released. Remember, releases are mostly made to satisfy new users. Existing Gentoo users don't need to reinstall; your system can be kept up-to-date just by running emerge --sync && emerge -avtuD world.

Security Meeting Summary

The Gentoo Security Team held a meeting on July 14, 2008. The meeting included a short overview of the security project's status, what can be improved, how to handle delays in GLSA publication and bug resolution, and the supported status of games. The project is actively seeking help; if you have an interest, please contact the team.

Trustees Meeting Summary

The Gentoo Trustees held its monthly meeting on July 13.

Council Meeting Summary

The Gentoo Council held its monthly meeting on July 10, 2008. The items put up for discussion were:

  • GLEP 54: There were numerous questions that apparently were not brought up on the mailing list in advance or were not addressed.
  • GLEP 55: On hold pending a concrete requirement for it. GLEP 54 may be, but that's unclear until it's been revised.
  • GLEP 56: Approved. Cardoe will get repoman changes made, followed by a server-side script to generate use.local.desc from metadata.xml.

Coming Up

  • Bugday: Looking for a way to help out Gentoo without investing a lot of time? Join us on August 02 for our monthly bugday, and help us squash some bugs.
  • Council Meeting: The Gentoo Council meets twice every month to discuss important technical issues that affect Gentoo as a whole. The next meeting is scheduled to be held on August 14, and everyone is welcome to participate - #gentoo-council on at 2000UTC.
  • Trustees Meeting: Scheduled for August 19 (agenda). Updated bylaws have also been posted, and public discussion is solicited on the gentoo-nfp mailing list.

3.  Heard in the Community

Gentoo at Peel Fresco Music Lounge

Peel Fresco Music Lounge is a bar in the heart of SoHo, Central, Hong Kong. This bar is different from others -- it uses lots of open source software, and Gentoo Linux lies at the heart of the software stack.

Peel Fresco has set up a page listing their OSS, and how they use Gentoo.

Planet Gentoo

Shared libraries: Anant Narayanan describes alternatives to shared libraries.

preserve-libs: Le Zhang explains one of the new FEATURES of Portage 2.2: preserve-libs.

paludis-utils: Ali Polatel announces paludis-utils, a replacement for portage-utils.

Bug hunter: The odyssey of Robin H. Johnson shows us how much time you sometimes need to find a bug.

The truth about ccache: Diego Elio Pettenò tells us what ccache can do for you and what it can't.

Still looking for alternatives: Still on the lookout for a distribution for his ancient laptop, Joshua Saddler presents some more small Linux distributions.

Code as artwork: Visualising source code can lead to nice pictures as Donnie Berkholz shows us.

Download statistics: Robin H. Johnson collects some download statistics on the new 2008.0 release media.

Gentoo on VirtualBox: Jeremy Olexa describes how he got Gentoo running as a virtual machine within VirtualBox.

Gentoo ebook: Gunnar Wrobel announces that his German Gentoo book is available as an ebook from the publisher.

Gentoo in the News

Gentoo has gained quite a bit of publicity following the 2008.0 release. Donnie Berkholz has compiled many reviews and announcements.

4.  Tips and Tricks

Recovering Deleted Files

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file or files and wanted to bring them back? If so, this guide will show you a method for trying to recover just about any deleted file.

First, we need to consider a number of factors:

  1. Size of the partition where the file was deleted. If your partition is very large and you can't copy the entire thing to another partition, then you will have to risk losing data on the partition with the deleted file. If you decide to take this risk, then skip the second step that follows.
  2. The type of file you deleted, e.g. a vital file needed to follow this guide or something on your thumb drive. If you deleted something like /usr/bin/dd or /usr/bin/cat as well as /bin/dd and /bin/cat, then you will probably need to boot from a LiveCD or another Gentoo installation. You can try to copy these vital files over (or you can just follow this guide), but manually install all of the programs Portage will want to install.
  3. The filesystem of the partition. If your partition's filesystem is anything other than FAT, Ext2/3, NTFS, UFS, or ISO 9660, you will not be able to use the tool covered in this guide.

After considiring these factors, let's make a block-for-block copy the of the partition:

Code Listing 4.1: Making a block-for-block copy

(Replace part with the partition from with you want to recover the file)
# dd if=/dev/part of=/var/tmp/recovery-img

Let's install sleuthkit:

Code Listing 4.2: Installing sleuthkit

# emerge sleuthkit

Next, create a small script,

Code Listing 4.3: Creating

# -- reconstruct lost but not overwritten FAT data

cat $1 |
  while read line; do
    filetype=`echo "$line" | awk {'print $1'}`
    filenode=`echo "$line" | awk {'print $3'}`
    filename=`echo "$line" | cut -f 2`

  echo "$filename"

  if [ $filetype == "d/d" ]; then
    mkdir -p "$filename"
    icat -f $2 -r -s $3 "$filenode" > "$filename"

Now let's make sleuthkit give us a list of files that were deleted:

Code Listing 4.4: Listing deleted files

# fls -f ext -d -p -r /dev/part

Note: If you are working with a FAT-formatted partition, replace ext with fat. Likewise with NTFS, replace ext with ntfs. In this case, the guide assumes the filesystem is either ext2 or ext3. Replace part with your partition.

You should get a list of files like this:

Code Listing 4.5: Deleted files

# fls -f ext -d -p -r /dev/part
r/r * 24590:    whoops_im_a_deleted_file

Warning: If you deleted a file and have not unmounted your partition yet, fls will not show you that file. Unmount the partition first.

Assuming we want to recover whoops_im_a_deleted_file, we do the following:

Code Listing 4.6: Using to recover a file

# fls -f ext -d -p -r /dev/part | grep "whoops_im_a_deleted_file$" > recover_files_list
# sh recover_files_list ext /var/tmp/recovery-img

You may also do without the grep command and modify the files list yourself. Once again, replace ext with the filesystem that you are working with.

You don't have to use the script; you can also simply run the following:

Code Listing 4.7: Recovering a file without

# icat -f ext -r -s  /var/tmp/recovery_img 24590 > whoops_im_a_deleted_file_recovered

Note: icat is not guaranteed to work all the time. It will try various recover techniques, but none of them might work. Nevertheless, this guide presents a "first-try" method for getting your lost files back.

This edition of Tips and Tricks was inspired by this forum post by der bastler.

5.  Gentoo developer moves


Gentoo is made up of 251 active developers, of which 57 are currently away. Gentoo has recruited a total of 647 developers since its inception.


The following developers recently left the Gentoo project:

  • Jeffrey Forman (jforman)


The following developers recently joined the Gentoo project:

  • Arun Raghavan (Ford_Prefect) joined the GNOME team


The following developers recently changed roles within the Gentoo project:

  • Ben de Groot (yngwin) joined the releng team
  • Jeroen Roovers (jer) joined the netmon herd
  • Michael Januszewski (spock) left the gcc-porting team

6.  Portage


This section summarizes the current state of the Portage tree.

General Statistics
Architectures 15
Categories 151
Packages 12807
ebuilds 24847
Keyword Distribution
Architecture Stable Testing Total % Packages
alpha 3644 476 4120 32.17%
amd64 7119 4067 11186 87.34%
arm 1596 101 1697 13.25%
hppa 2711 561 3272 25.55%
ia64 3210 606 3816 29.80%
m68k 494 20 514 4.01%
mips 1023 762 1785 13.94%
ppc 6334 2939 9273 72.41%
ppc64 3480 656 4136 32.29%
s390 1199 50 1249 9.75%
sh 1412 55 1467 11.45%
sparc 4831 1326 6157 48.08%
sparc-fbsd 0 358 358 2.80%
x86 9380 3224 12604 98.41%
x86-fbsd 0 2690 2690 21.00%

Figure 6.1: Package distribution by keyword

Fig. 1: Packages by keyword

The following section lists packages that have either been moved or added to the tree. The package removals come from many locations, including the Treecleaners and various developers.


Package: Removal date: Contact:
xfce-extra/notification-daemon-xfce 23 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
xfce-extra/xfkc 23 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
xfce-extra/xfce4-dev-tools 23 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
media-video/cinelerra-cvs 24 Jun 2008 Hanno Boeck
Package: Removal date: Contact:
dev-util/glademm 30 Jun 2008 Rèmi Cardona
media-plugins/audacious-crossfade 30 Jun 2008 Tony Vroon
media-fonts/sharefonts 30 Jun 2008 Ryan Hill
dev-util/jam 30 Jun 2008 Ryan Hill
app-vim/conky-syntax 01 Jul 2008 David Shakaryan
net-p2p/linkage 05 Jul 2008 Samuli Suominen
sys-apps/nictools 06 Jul 2008 Jeremy Olexa
dev-cpp/libwrapiter 06 Jul 2008 Mark Loeser
net-analyzer/sonar 06 Jul 2008 Jeremy Olexa
Package: Removal date: Contact:
net-zope/plonelanguagetool 08 Jul 2008 Alfredo Tupone
net-zope/calendarx 08 Jul 2008 Alfredo Tupone
Package: Removal date: Contact:
app-xemacs/xemacs-packages-sumo 22 Jul 2008 Hans de Graaff
games-arcade/sdlpong 22 Jul 2008 Michael Sterrett
media-plugins/gst-plugins-opengl 26 Jul 2008 Samuli Suominen


Package: Addition date: Contact:
x11-misc/notification-daemon-xfce 23 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
x11-misc/xfkc 23 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
media-video/cinelerra 24 Jun 2008 Hanno Boeck
sci-geosciences/viking 24 Jun 2008 Hanno Boeck
dev-python/optcomplete 25 Jun 2008 Ali Polatel
sys-process/iotop 26 Jun 2008 Donnie Berkholz
x11-drivers/xf86-video-r128 27 Jun 2008 Donnie Berkholz
media-gfx/pdf2svg 27 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
net-analyzer/snips 27 Jun 2008 Tony Vroon
media-sound/alsamixer-app 28 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
x11-plugins/wmmand 28 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
sys-auth/pam_radius 28 Jun 2008 Alin Năstac
x11-drivers/xf86-video-mach64 28 Jun 2008 Sven Wegener
dev-libs/dbxml 28 Jun 2008 Tiziano Müller
dev-libs/poco 29 Jun 2008 Tiziano Müller
media-sound/milkytracker 29 Jun 2008 Samuli Suominen
app-misc/slashtime 29 Jun 2008 Kenneth Prugh
Package: Addition date: Contact:
media-sound/ario 30 Jun 2008 Christoph Mende
dev-games/libgrapple 30 Jun 2008 Tristan Heaven
app-text/scrollkeeper-dtd 01 Jul 2008 Gilles Dartiguelongue
dev-python/processing 02 Jul 2008 Luca Longinotti
dev-python/webob 02 Jul 2008 Rob Cakebread
dev-python/wsgiref 02 Jul 2008 Rob Cakebread
dev-python/webtest 02 Jul 2008 Rob Cakebread
media-plugins/gst-plugins-gio 02 Jul 2008 Samuli Suominen
app-admin/bcfg2 03 Jul 2008 Jeremy Olexa
virtual/libffi 03 Jul 2008 Marijn Schouten
sci-visualization/xyscan 03 Jul 2008 Markus Dittrich
app-misc/fsniper 04 Jul 2008 David Shakaryan
media-gfx/qrencode 04 Jul 2008 Christian Birchinger
media-radio/fmio 05 Jul 2008 Samuli Suominen
app-misc/g15stats 06 Jul 2008 Peter Alfredsen
Package: Addition date: Contact:
virtual/texi2dvi 07 Jul 2008 Ulrich Müller
dev-python/mpmath 08 Jul 2008 Andrey Grozin
x11-libs/liboglappth 08 Jul 2008 Donnie Berkholz
net-proxy/ratproxy 08 Jul 2008 Timothy Redaelli
app-emulation/kvm 09 Jul 2008 Daniel Gryniewicz
sci-biology/ApE 09 Jul 2008 Jeffrey Gardner
net-firewall/arno-iptables-firewall 10 Jul 2008 Chris Gianelloni
dev-java/squareness-jlf 12 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
media-sound/entagged-tageditor 12 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
dev-tex/oesch 12 Jul 2008 Alexis Ballier
Package: Addition date: Contact:
sci-astronomy/wcslib 15 Jul 2008 Sebastien Fabbro
net-irc/irssi-otr 16 Jul 2008 Raúl Porcel
dev-python/Babel 16 Jul 2008 Cédric Krier
dev-libs/protobuf 17 Jul 2008 Michael Januszewski
dev-java/slf4j-api 18 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
dev-java/slf4j-nop 18 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
dev-java/mina-core 18 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
dev-java/libmatthew-java 18 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
dev-java/dbus-java 18 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
app-text/zemberek-server 18 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
dev-java/java-dep-check 18 Jul 2008 Petteri Räty
app-text/zpspell 18 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
Package: Addition date: Contact:
app-crypt/ophcrack-tables 21 Jul 2008 Mike Auty
dev-java/nachocalendar 21 Jul 2008 Serkan Kaba
app-admin/eselect-ecj 21 Jul 2008 Petteri Räty
media-fonts/inconsolata 23 Jul 2008 Ben de Groot
media-fonts/droid 24 Jul 2008 Ben de Groot
dev-db/ctdb 26 Jul 2008 Tiziano Müller
x11-misc/xdg-user-dirs 27 Jul 2008 Gilles Dartiguelongue
x11-misc/xdg-user-dirs-gtk 27 Jul 2008 Gilles Dartiguelongue
sci-geosciences/gtk-g-rays2 27 Jul 2008 Hanno Boeck
media-gfx/pngnq 27 Jul 2008 Hanno Boeck

7.  Bugzilla


The Gentoo community uses Bugzilla ( to record and track bugs, notifications, suggestions and other interactions with the development team. The following chart summarizes activity on Bugzilla between 27 June 2008 and 27 July 2008.

Figure 7.1: Bug activity split-up

Fig. 1: Bug activity

Of the 11946 currently open bugs: 14 are labeled blocker, 106 are labeled critical, and 422 are labeled major.

Closed bug ranking

The developers and teams who have closed the most bugs during this period are as follows.

Rank Developer/Team Bug Count
0 Others 1026
1 Gentoo Release Team 80
2 Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team 61
3 Gentoo/BSD Team 39
4 Gentoo Security 37
5 Java team 36
6 Gentoo Games 34
7 Default Assignee for Orphaned Packages 30
8 Gentoo Science Related Packages 28
9 Python Gentoo Team 28

Figure 7.2: Bug closed rankings

Fig. 2: Bugs closed

Assigned bug ranking

The developers and teams who have been assigned the most bugs during this period are as follows.

Rank Developer/Team Bug Count
0 Others 745
1 Default Assignee for New Packages 68
2 Gentoo's Team for Core System packages 53
3 Gentoo Security 42
4 Gentoo Games 37
5 Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team 34
6 Python Gentoo Team 28
7 Gentoo KDE team 26
8 Gentoo Toolchain Maintainers 24
9 Java team 22

Figure 7.3: Bugs assigned rankings

Fig. 3: Bugs assigned

8.  Getting Involved

The GMN relies on volunteers and members of the community for content every month. If you are interested in writing for the GMN, do write in to with your articles in plaintext or GuideXML format.

Note: The deadline for articles to be published in the next issue is August 19, 2008.

We solicit feedback from all our readers on the newsletter. If you have any ideas for articles, sections, or have anything to say about the GMN, don't hesitate to email us at

You can also give us your feedback and comment on this particular issue of the GMN on the forum thread.

9.  GMN subscription information

To subscribe to the Gentoo Monthly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to

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10.  Other languages

The Gentoo Monthly Newsletter is available in the following languages:


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