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1. Howto file bugs


1.a. How To File Keyword-Bugs On Gentoo/AMD64

First we want to thank you for helping out with the Gentoo/AMD64 project. Your diligent efforts in testing applications is greatly appreciated. In the following we want to explain the steps to submitting a bug report if you want to let us know that a masked application works on your Gentoo/AMD64 installation.

1.b. Register First!

If you haven't registered for an ID on, please do that first.

1.c. Steps For Submission

Perform the following steps to submit a bug:

  • Browse to
  • Click on Report A Bug near the top of the page.
  • Choose Gentoo Linux from the product list.
  • Log in using your account.
  • Search for your bug
    • Enter ALL and the name of the ebuild into the search textbox. Be carefull, ALL is casesensitive.

Code ListingĀ 3.1: Example

ALL k3b
  • Continue searching for your bug
    • Click the Search button.
    • Check if anyone has already submitted a bug report on the masked application that works for you.
    • You should see two thing.
      • The Plt column should say amd64.
      • The Summary column should say something like working on amd64.
    • If you don't say anything applicable in the search subframe, move on to the next step. Otherwise, we already know about the application and you don't need to (and shouldn't) submit a new bug report.
  • Give us your information
    • Select Ebuilds for the Component.
    • Select amd64 for the Hardware Platform.
    • In the Summary textbox, enter your summary in the form: ${category}/${application}-${version} works on amd64.

Code ListingĀ 3.2: Example

app-cdr/k3b-0.11.6 works on amd64
  • Continue giving us info
    • In the Description textarea, enter a brief description in the from: Please add "~amd64" to the KEYWORDS for ${category}/${application}-${version}.

Code ListingĀ 3.3: Example

Please add "~amd64" to the KEYWORDS for app-cdr/k3b-0.11.6
  • Continue giving us info
    • Paste the output from emerge info into the Description textarea. This step is very helpful and gives us the environmental conditions (e.g USE flags) you used.
    • Select Enhancement from the Severity drop-down listbox. Please don't select anything other here. The devs can (and will) change the severity of your bug report in case of nessesity.
  • Doublecheck your work to make sure you've entered the correct data.
  • Click Submit Bug Report when you're ready to file the report.

Thank you very much !

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Page updated February 1, 2006

Summary: Provides information on howto file a bug related to the Gentoo/AMD64 Platform.

Tom Martin

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