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Gentoo Embedded Handbook


  • General Topics
    Embedded fundamentals you need before playing with hardware.
    1. Introduction
      An introduction into the world of embedded, cross-compilers, and dragons.
    2. Creating a Cross-Compiler
      Build a cross-compiler on your machine!
    3. Cross-Compiling With Portage
      Leverage Portage as a cross-compiling package manager.
    4. Cross-Compiling The Kernel
      Cross-compile a kernel for your system with flair!
    5. Compiling with qemu user chroot
      How To compile with QEMU user.
    6. Frequently Asked Questions
      Frequently Asked Questions for Gentoo Embedded.
  • Emulators
    Software emulation of systems can often times be as good (if not better) than the real thing.
    1. Qemu
      A generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer for x86, x86_64, arm, sparc, powerpc, mips, m68k (coldfire), and superh.
    2. SkyEye
      ARM embedded hardware simulator.
    3. Armulator
      Emulate armnommu/uClinux (no-mmu Linux) in GDB.
    4. Softgun
      ARM software emulator.
    5. Hercules
      Hercules System/370, ESA/390 and zArchitecture Mainframe Emulator.
  • Bootloaders
    From the obscure to the obscene, we'll cover some of the common bootloaders out there and how to get your feet wet with them.
    1. Das U-Boot
      The Universal Bootloader which supports every embedded architecture out there.
    2. NeTTrom
      Simple bootloader on NetWinders.
    3. RedBoot
      Small bootloader based on eCos which supports every embedded architecture out there.
    4. SH-LILO
      Port of LILO to SuperH which tends to be pretty common on that architecture.
  • Boards
    Some boards are fun while others can be a PITA; we'll cover many of the common gotchas with systems out there.
    1. Hammer/Nailboard
      Little-endian armv4l board.
    2. LANTank
      Little-endian SuperH based NAS (using internal IDE) from I-O Data.
    3. NetWinder
      Little-endian ARMv4 based network server from Rebel.
    4. NSLU2
      Big-endian arm based NAS (using external USB) from Linksys.
    5. QNAP TurboStation 109/209/409
      Little-endian ARMv5TE NAS from QNAP.
    6. Marvell Sheevaplug
      Little-endian ARMv5TE from Marvell.
    7. ACME SYSTEMS Netus G20
      Netus G20 (ARMv5TE) from ACME SYSTEMS
    8. Genesi Efika MX
      Little-endian ARMv7-A from Genesi USA.
    9. Pandaboard
      Little-endian ARMv7-A from
    10. Trimslice
      Little-endian ARMv7-A from Compulab/
    11. Beaglebone
      Little-endian ARMv7-A from
    12. BeagleBone Black
      Little-endian ARMv7-A from
  • Beyond
    A handbook can only go so far, so here we list resources to go the distance when we can't get you there.
    1. Communication
      Gentoo Embedded communication channels.
    2. Contributing
      Gentoo Embedded and you: the answer to the ever prevalent "What can I do?" question.
    3. Vendors
      Information specific to vendors who wish to help out.
    4. Further Learning
      External references to help you expand your embedded Linux knowledge.

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Page updated April 28, 2013

Summary: The Gentoo Embedded Handbook is the center point for all Embedded work done with Gentoo. It aims to cover just about all aspects of the process -- from theory to design to practice.

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