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2. Contributing


2.a. Where To Contribute

First off, please review the Gentoo Embedded communication channels and join as needed. Please do not start with e-mailing specific developers.

Below we outline the many different aspects which could use your help. Contribute whatever and whenever you can!

2.b. Arch Testers

Often times considered a mighty boring job, it is unfortunately quite critical to the smooth running of a port. It involves testing new packages for stabilization or new packages that have not yet been tested on the particular architecture. Simply select your favorite embedded architecture (arm, m68k, mips, ppc, sh) and start watching the alias on the Gentoo Bugzilla. When a bug opens requesting stabilization or arch testing, test the package in question on your setup and report back to the bug on how things go. If you want to contribute more, sign up to be a developer yourself for the architecture in question and just start committing fixes yourself! :) See our Gentoo Developer Relations page for more information.

2.c. Release Engineers

Every release of Gentoo should see updated stages for people to use as a base when creating a new native install. Each architecture (arm, m68k, sh) needs a dedicated person to go through the process of building these stages and tracking down/fixing failures as they come up.

2.d. Board Developers

Got a crazy new embedded device and you want to put Gentoo on it? Then do it! Once you've gone through the steps, put together a little bit of information on it and get it integrated into the Gentoo Embedded Handbook. Finally, start making little firmware images for others to drop into their system so they can get a head start on the process.

2.e. Answer Questions

Have general knowledge and like to help people? Great! We get questions every day in our mailing lists/irc channels/etc... which require people to simply watch and answer as they can. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two yourself!

2.f. Documentation Writers

One of Gentoo's strong points is its documentation. However, this stuff doesn't write itself, so we need people familiar with Gentoo's simple GuideXML documentation format to help maintain and expand the Gentoo Embedded documentation.

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Page updated April 28, 2013

Summary: Gentoo Embedded and you: the answer to the ever prevalent "What can I do?" question.

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