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1.  Becoming a Gentoo/PPC Developer

Who can be a developer?

The answer is simple: Anyone who puts effort in Gentoo/PPC. As long as you are contributing to the project in one way or another, you can join the team. The more active developers we have, the better we can provide our userbase with documentation, support and up to date packages. We expect you to provide your knowledge, time and effort to the community. If you are only interested in having a email address or a title for your resume, please walk away. We'll notice and if necessary, we'll apply to remove your status. Only the dedicated need apply!

Why be a developer?

If you are passionate about Gentoo/PPC, and you know you are able to help out in some area's why not help us improve? Gentoo is all about the community, our users (even the developers are users!). If nobody put in any effort, Gentoo would cease to exist.

2.  Steps to Becoming a Developer

Step 1: Get Involved

It sounds simple, but the first step in becoming a Gentoo Developer is to get involved! Speak with us on our IRC channel, #gentoo-powerpc on freenode, help users on the forums and aid the Gentoo/PPC team by submitting patches and testing packages that are missing keywords. Use the project to help others, thereby helping yourself. All good developers know that helping other users always provides learning opportunities, make the most of it! "By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn."

Step 2: Make Yourself Known

Make the developers notice you by helping out, working hard and being a team player, not by making trouble. Once you've been noticed, an existing developer will ask if you are interested in becoming a member of the team. This person will probably become your mentor and will open a bug in bugzilla stating that that they are training you to become a developer. From that moment on the whole administrative process has been started and you are on your way to becoming a Gentoo Developer!

Step 3: Get Busy!

This step begins once you have received your shiny new developer status! From now on, you are part of the team. You'll be attending meetings, you'll keep a presence on IRC, you'll be committing things to CVS and fixing bugs. If you're not busy, you are on the wrong track. But it's not all work. Being a developer is having fun while improving your favorite OS, Gentoo! Go forth and squash bugs new Developer!


Page updated June 17, 2005

Summary: This document provides Gentoo/PPC users information about joining the development team. This will also give the PPC team, and its users criteria for becoming a Gentoo/PPC Developer.

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