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1.  Project Description

This project is dedicated to running Gentoo on PowerPC64 systems. These systems encompass IBM RS/6000s, Power Macintosh G5 systems, IBM pSystem, IBM iSystem, and POWER-based servers.

The current release for Gentoo and PPC64 is 2006.1 and is available from any of the Gentoo mirrors. The current release offers the ability to run a PPC64 kernel with either a 32bit or 64bit userland.

2.  News

2006-12-18: PPC64 page revived

This page has finally gotten an update. We'll do our best to keep it up and running with new information.

3.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Agostino Sarubbo ago Member ( Security bugs primarily )
Anthony G. Basile blueness Member
Mark Loeser halcy0n Member
Sergey Popov pinkbyte Member
Brent Baude ranger Member
Vicente Olivert Riera vincent Member
Mikle Kolyada zlogene Member

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

4.  Installation of Gentoo/PPC64

Just follow the PPC64 handbook. If you get stuck join us on #gentoo-ppc64 or open a bugreport at

5.  How you can help!

As with all Open Source projects, volunteers are at the core of making it all happen! Even if you only have an hour or two here or there or you don't know how to code, that's perfectly ok. There are many aspects of an open source project and your talents certainly can advance if not be critical to the project!

Please consider helping the team out by joining us on IRC. We hang out on #gentoo-ppc64 on All people are welcome.


Page updated May 6, 2005

Summary: The PPC64 Development Project is devoted to keeping Gentoo in good shape on the PowerPC64 architecture.

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