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1.  Project Description

The desktop project handles all desktop related issues of the Gentoo distribution, including science. This involves both researching the improvements needed for Gentoo's use as a desktop as managing all projects that handle desktop-related ebuilds.

2.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Donnie Berkholz dberkholz Lead

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

3.  Subprojects

The desktop project has the following subprojects:

Project Lead Description
accessibility William Hubbs The Gentoo Accessibility Project provides a way for Gentoo developers in various teams to coordinate efforts to make Gentoo more accessible to users who have disabilities.
artwork The Gentoo Artwork Project manages Gentoo artwork stuff. This includes wallpapers, logos, themes, icons sets, etc.
chromium Paweł Hajdan The Chromium in Gentoo project manages the Chromium-related ebuilds within Gentoo.
gnome Mart Raudsepp The Gentoo Gnome Project aims to bring the current and complete GNOME Desktop Environment to Gentoo.
KDE Johannes Huber The KDE project manages the KDE ebuilds within Gentoo.
xfce Christoph Mende The Gentoo Xfce Project aims to bring the current and complete Xfce desktop environment to Gentoo.
desktop-wm The WM project manages the wide variety of Window Managers in Portage.
X Donnie Berkholz The X subproject manages the X implementations and related packages in Portage.
Games Mike Frysinger The Gentoo Games Project manages the game categories (dev-games, games-*) in Portage.
video Luca Barbato The Video team strives to provide users with the best multimedia experience through providing encoding tools and media players.
desktop-util Krzysztof Pawlik The Desktop Utilities project manages a wide variety of small utilities and dockapps for the Gentoo Desktop.
sound Tony Vroon The sound team provides and maintains sound applications and drivers.
rox Jim Ramsay The Rox Desktop Project handles all rox-desktop issues of the Gentoo distribution.
lxde Victor Ostorga The LXDE project handles all issues related to the LXDE desktop environment in Gentoo.
Qt Davide Pesavento The Qt project manages the Qt ebuilds within Gentoo.
Enlightenment Thomas Sachau Project Enlightenment maintains efl packages including e17
Office Andreas Proschofsky The office subproject manages the office implementations and related packages in Portage.
desktop-effects Sergey Popov Manage various windows managers, x11 miscellaneous applications which are commonly used for various effects on your desktop

4.  Lead Elections

If anyone wants to be lead, we can hold elections for a new lead. Discuss this further in either #gentoo-desktop or on the gentoo-desktop mailing list.

Any developers who consider themselves part of the desktop project are welcome to participate in the election, but they can't just be part of the project for the election. They need to create a subproject with accompanying Web page for their herd and link to it from the top-level desktop index. Any developers not listed as members on some project page in the desktop hierarchy cannot vote.


Summary: The desktop project handles all desktop-related issues of the Gentoo distribution, including science.

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