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Disclaimer : This document is not valid and is not maintained anymore.

Gnome 2.12 Upgrade Guide


1.  Getting Ready

Preparing the environment

Make sure you add hal, dbus, and cairo to your use flags. If you plan on using evolution-exchange, also add kerberos and ldap.

Upgrade Python

Make sure you are using python 2.4. Upgrade python to version 2.4 if you are still on python 2.3. If you have not run python-updater since the transition to 2.4, you should run it now.

Code Listing 1.1: Upgrading python

# emerge -av python
# python-updater

Some other things to check

Warning: If you have gnome-doc-utils installed, re-emerge it. ( you should now have version >= version 0.4.1 )

Important: Want automounting USB sticks and other things to just work? See "So Now What?" in this guide.

2.  Upgrade to 2.12

This is the fun part :) Upgrade to GNOME 2.12.

Code Listing 2.1: Upgrade to GNOME 2.12

# emerge -av gnome

Or, if you like not so heavy things:

Code Listing 2.2: Upgrade to GNOME 2.12 lite

# emerge -av gnome-light

3.  Run some revdep-rebuild

Check if you need to run revdep-rebuild by doing:

Code Listing 3.1: running revdep-rebuild

# revdep-rebuild -p

You will know if you need to run it because some packages will be listed. To run it, just remove the "-p" flag.

4.  So now what?

Add your user to the plugdev group.

Now, exit your current GNOME session, and restart it!

Want things to automatically automount when you plug them in?

Again, make sure you add hal and dbus to your useflags.

You should also add your user to the plugdev group after the group is created by the pmount ebuild. Otherwise, automounting will NOT work. You will probably have to restart your session after adding your user to the plugdev group. You can check if your in the plugdev group by typing id into a terminal window.

We recommend the use of gamin instead of fam. One way to use gamin is to have an inotify enabled kernel. Gamin supports inotify, dnotify, and file-polling. If you have problems with gamin, you can use fam instead.

Note: If you would like to know more about gamin configuration, please see

Important: Gamin does not have an initscript, so you do not need to add it to any runlevels.

The inotify option is located at "File systems -> Inotify file change notification support".

If you choose to use gamin, and have previously used fam, follow the code listing below:

Code Listing 4.1:

# rc-update del famd
# emerge unmerge fam
# emerge -av gamin

Next, update your machine so it recompiles things with the new useflags by using --newuse. One way to do this is emerge -uDav --newuse world

Code Listing 4.2: updating with the new useflags

# emerge -uDav --newuse world

Now we need to start dbus and hal. They need to start up every time you restart your computer.

Code Listing 4.3: dbus, hal, gamin

# rc-update add hald default
# /etc/init.d/hald start

Don't forget to add yourself to the plugdev group in /etc/group.

Now you should be able to start gnome-volume-manager from the commandline and insert a USB stick, watch it automount and place an icon on your desktop :)

If you want to change gnome-volume-manager's behavior, start gnome-volume-properties from the commandline. This should start gnome-volume-manager if it is not already running.

5.  Common compilation problems

Did anyone else have similar issues?

First, did your error look like any of these?

Code Listing 5.1: Errors

 make[2]: Entering directory
 Making all in fdl
 C/fdl.xml:603: parser error : Entity 'copy' not defined
         Copyright copy; YEAR YOUR NAME.
make[3]: Entering directory
xsltproc -o fdl-C.omf --stringparam db2omf.basename fdl --stringparam
db2omf.format 'docbook' --stringparam db2omf.dtd "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML
V4.1.2//EN" --stringparam db2omf.lang C --stringparam db2omf.omf_dir
"/usr/share/omf" --stringparam db2omf.help_dir "/usr/share/gnome/help"
--stringparam db2omf.omf_in "`pwd`/./" `/usr/bin/pkg-config --variable
db2omf gnome-doc-utils` C/fdl.xml
compilation error: file C/fdl.xml line 15 element article
xsltParseStylesheetProcess : document is not a stylesheet
make[3]: *** [fdl-C.omf] Error 5
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

Note: See if you have this issue.

Note: In short, you need to re-emerge gnome-doc-utils as stated above.

Code Listing 5.2: More errors

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/xml2po", line 34, in ?
      import libxml2
      ImportError: No module named libxml2
      make[2]: *** [de/file-roller.xml] Error 1
      make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/usr/bin/xml2po", line 34, in ?
	    import libxml2
	    ImportError: No module named libxml2
make[2]: *** [es/file-roller.xml] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [all] Error 2

Code Listing 5.3: even more errors

ACCESS DENIED  unlink:    /usr/share/xml2po/docbook.pyc
ACCESS DENIED  open_wr:   /usr/share/xml2po/docbook.pyc
ACCESS DENIED  unlink:    /usr/share/xml2po/docbook.pyc
ACCESS DENIED  open_wr:   /usr/share/xml2po/docbook.pyc

Note: In the first case, you probably forgot to run python-updater

Note: In the second case, you probably forgot to re-emerge gnome-doc-utils

What if its not one of the bugs listed above?

Search bugzilla for the name of your package to see if someone has already filed a bug for it. You should search using "ALL package-name" to see both open and closed bugs. If you cannot find a similar bug, please file a bug. See the instructions located below.

If you want to know how to file a bug, please consult:

You can also find the gentoo gnome herd in #gentoo-desktop


Page updated January 21, 2006

Summary: This guide shows you the recommended way of upgrading your existing to GNOME 2.12. It assumes that GNOME 2.12 is in STABLE. 2.12 should be stable on all archs very soon.

John N. Laliberte

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