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Gnome 2.20 Upgrade Guide


1.  Changes

Font, Theme, and Background Preferences

The Font, Theme, and Background control panels have been merged into the "Appearance" control panel. This means that changing almost anything related to the appearance of your desktop is now done in a single window in tabs. Go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance to change these settings.

Spam Filter Choice in Evolution

Evolution now has a real choice of spam filters. It comes built in with plugins for Spamassassin and Bogofilter, and can choose which one to use at runtime. The USE flags for choosing are now gone. To choose a spam plugin, go to Preferences -> Mail Preferences -> Junk and set the Default junk plugin from the drop box. It will tell you if you have the correct programs installed. If you only have one of Spamassassin and Bogofilter installed, it will choose that one by default. If you have both, it defaults to Spamassassin.

Migration to Rarian document metadata library

For as long as we know, the GNOME user help documents have been maintained and indexed with the scrollkeeper package. However it has been long without an upstream maintainer and has a good amount of issues, including conceptual.

GNOME 2.20 brings you a replacement in the form of the new Rarian package. Some of its benefits include allowing yelp to generate the table of contents much quicker, eventually allowing to get rid of the install-time penalty on all packages installing user documentation in the form of scrollkeeper database updating, and much more. Fortunately it comes with a full compatibility layer to scrollkeeper, so the migration from scrollkeeper to rarian should be painless.

We, the Gentoo GNOME team, believe that we have made this migration painless during the upgrade to Gnome 2.20 also on Gentoo Linux. This is achieved through a migration version of scrollkeeper that only brings in the rarian package together with its scrollkeeper compatibility layer and not the old scrollkeeper package. So have no fear, the version 9999 of scrollkeeper is that migration version stub and not a live CVS ebuild. A recent stable Portage should be able to figure out the way to do a successful migration on its own without manual intervention.

Other changes

Please see the GNOME 2.20 Release Notes for what else new is in this major release of GNOME.

2.  Known Issues

Gnome Power Manager Tray icon missing (fixed)

The problem with gnome-power-manager's tray icon being missing on startup has been fixed. If you had any automatic workarounds in place, you should remove them after upgrading.


Page updated November 22, 2007

Summary: This is a guide for upgrading from GNOME 2.18.x to GNOME 2.20.x.

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