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1.  Project Description

The Qt project handles the Qt ebuilds available in Gentoo's portage and the qt overlay. It also maintains various Qt packages and libraries that don't have dedicated maintainers.

2.  Project Goals

The goal of the Gentoo Qt team is have fully functional, up-to-date ebuilds for the Qt toolkit and various Qt applications. We also maintain eclasses that ease creation and maintainance of ebuilds using Qt.

3.  Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions and their answers, please consult our FAQ.

4.  Team meetings

The Qt team has its semi-regular meetings in #gentoo-meetings. For earlier logs and summaries, please see the KDE team page.

Date Log Summary
01 March 2014 20140301 Log 20140301 Summary
20 October 2013 20131020 Log 20131020 Summary
27 July 2013 20130727 Log 20130727 Summary
02 June 2013 20130602 Log 20130602 Summary
20 April 2013 20130420 Log 20130420 Summary
09 March 2013 20130309 Log 20130309 Summary
26 January 2013 20130126 Log 20130126 Summary
08 December 2012 20121208 Log 20121208 Summary
16 October 2012 20121016 Log 20121016 Summary
05 September 2012 20120905 Log 20120905 Summary
01 July 2012 20120701 Log 20120701 Summary
03 June 2012 20120603 Log 20120603 Summary
25 March 2012 20120325 Log 20120325 Summary
26 January 2012 20120126 Log 20120126 Summary
07 July 2011 20110707 Log Summary pending
07 April 2011 20110407 Log 20110407 Summary
18 November 2010 20101118 Log 20101118 Summary
02 September 2010 20100902 Log 20100902 Summary
24 June 2010 20100624 Log 20100624 Summary
27 May 2010 20100527 Log 20100527 Summary
20 May 2010 20100520 Log 20100520 Summary
15 April 2010 20100415 Log 20100415 Summary
18 March 2010 20100318 Log 20100318 Summary
19 February 2010 20100219 Log 20100219 Summary
21 January 2010 20100121 Log 20100121 Summary
17 December 2009 20091217 Log 20091217 Summary

5.  Qt overlay

The upstream Qt Project currently provides multiple Qt versions at the same time. Hence we created the qt overlay to make those versions available to our users. We put a great effort in maintaining many flavors of the Qt library. Currently we maintain and test on an almost daily basis the following packages:

Major Version Flavors Use Flag Upstream Repository
4.8.9999 Qt-4.8 branch None qt 4.8 master branch
5.9999 Qt-5 branch None qt 5 master branch

Important: Due to limited hardware resources we might be unable to test some of the above Qt versions. You may check the list of maintainers here. If you want to help us and test a specific version of Qt please let us know.

You may seek online support on Gentoo Forums. See Section 6 for alternative methods to contact us.

The qt overlay also contains many live ebuilds for Qt-based applications, as well as packages that are being tested for inclusion in portage.

6.  Contributing

Bugs, bugs, bugs! If you want to help, consider going through the Qt bug list: Any comment that can help a bug get fixed is always useful!

Those interested in writing ebuilds for Qt4 applications may find this tutorial useful: Qt4-based Ebuild HowTo.

Active contributors usually gain access to the qt overlay to better help us with ebuild maintainance and can, in time, become full-fledged developers :)

To get in contact with the Qt team, drop by #gentoo-qt and chat with us, or send us an email at

7.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Davide Pesavento pesa Lead
Vladimir Smirnov civil Member
Michael Palimaka kensington Member
Alex Alexander wired Member
Ben de Groot yngwin Member
Mikle Kolyada zlogene Member

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

8.  Recruitment

We are currently looking for users interested in helping the project with one or more jobs.

To learn more, visit the Staffing Needs page.

9.  Herds

The Qt project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
qt civil, kensington, pesa, wired, yngwin, zlogene Qt and related packages


Page updated October 21, 2013

Summary: The Qt project manages the Qt ebuilds within Gentoo.

Alex Alexander

Markos Chandras

Ben de Groot

Sergey Popov

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