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1.  Introduction

As defined by GLEP 41, an HT is a trustworthy user who is able to help with testing packages, identifying issues and finding fixes.

2.  What you get

All HTs receive a /gentoo/contributor/${NAME} IRC cloak, are added to the "Arch/Herd Tester" group on the Gentoo forums, are added to the mail alias.

3.  What persons like Herd Testers have to do?

HTs usually test packages (stabilisation preparations, live packages, new versions testing, ...), provide guidance on bug reports (verifying issues, providing patches), communicate with the X11 team through the team's IRC channel (#gentoo-desktop) and mail to the mail alias. HTs are also invited to help users on forums, mailing lists and IRC channels.

4.  Requirements

We expect people to do good testing, show good knowledge about Gentoo in general and to be active (taking into account RL constraints). Also we require people have willingness to learn new stuff about bug sumbission and patch tracking, or actualy willingness to learn anything interesting about x11 :].

5.  Participating

If you think your comments and patches submitted to Bugzilla and willingness to help other users on IRC, mailinglists and/or forums justifies HT status you can talk to the X11 team. Users will also be invited to become HTs by members of the X11 team that notice their work, abilities and desire to help the X11 team.

To become an HT, the user will have to complete the ebuild quiz and have a review session with the AT lead (hparker).

Interested users should read the Gentoo Development Guide/DevManual and the Gentoo Developer Handbook and should work with the other members of the herd to address the questions on the quiz. The KDE HT lead will work closely with all HTs, helping them prepare for the quiz and the interview, and will coordinate their work on the herd.


Page updated August 26, 2009

Summary: The X11 HT Project is devoted to help the developers with testing packages, identifying issues and finding fixes.

Tomáš Chvátal

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