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1.  Unavailable Gentoo Devs

The following table contains a list of unavailable Gentoo developers.

2.  Status

Last update: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:20:06 +0000

Dev Status
alicef Studing for university entrance exam till June 2015. Feel free to touch my packages. @ 2015/03/18 12:56Z
angelos Currently without internet access @ 2015/03/18 12:41Z
antarus On leave. Not reading email or irc. @ 2014/06/07 15:34Z
axs I'm around but eyes-deep in electromechanical design so will not be proactively taking care of things for a while. Will @ 2014/10/02 14:14Z
caster Away until second child born and things settle down (I expect March). @ 2015/01/06 15:20Z
darkside Check email. Monitor Gentoo Infra stuff, otherwise a Gentoo User. @ 2014/01/05 00:09Z
dastergon new job; relocating. partially available @ 2015/03/20 10:08Z
fauli Work load high, available through mail @ 2011/02/02 20:21Z
graaff Ski training until Sunday, March 29th @ 2015/03/22 15:59Z
haubi some holidays until January 11th, 2015 @ 2014/12/19 14:30Z
hkbst Busy with real life. @ 2013/12/09 12:25Z
hwoarang No time for gentoo. No ETA. If you want to fix my bugs go ahead @ 2014/06/29 11:53Z
jauhien Busy with real life. Please, feel free to fix any of my bugs. Reading mails time to time and IRC logs @ 2015/03/20 19:24Z
josejx Limited availablity until November 2013. @ 2013/10/22 05:52Z
kumba Busy w/ RL, but working on resurrecting SGI Octane support for Linux. Stay tuned! @ 2014/07/13 10:36Z
lack As the father of new twins, I will be significantly less responsive for the forseeable future. Please update my packages as needed, and I will try to check in as I can. Likely to have more time by May 2014. @ 2014/03/31 00:05Z
lordvan Limited time for gentoo work at the moment, but will try to keep up with bugs, ... Still available on IRC, Jabber and Email @ 2012/03/11 18:34Z
mduft No time for active development currently. Looks like it's getting even longer :( No certain return date available. @ 2013/11/12 06:12Z
mrueg Limited time till April 2015. Feel free to fix my packages. @ 2015/03/10 18:16Z
neurogeek Lost my last Gentoo box and haven't been able to recover it. Maybe back by Jan. @ 2014/11/26 02:01Z
nightmorph working on getting systems back up. doing some limited email and bugzilla stuff in the meantime. @ 2014/11/10 10:23Z
nimiux Limited activity. Feel free to touch my packages @ 2014/10/27 20:36Z
olemarkus Little time for Gentoo. Will fix sec bugs asap, but other bugs may take some time. @ 2014/08/21 20:13Z
pchrist Working 12hours/day, no spare time at all, sorry. Feel free to touch my packages but: you break it, you fix it. For emergencies all the Greek devs know how to reach me. @ 2014/11/06 09:28Z
pinkbyte Busy with work and some other things. Available via e-mail for urgent stuff. Feel free to touch my packages. For QA questions - talk to zlogene. Will be back in about a month @ 2015/03/20 06:41Z
psomas Busy with work. Contact me via email if needed. Hope to be back soon. @ 2012/10/12 10:05Z
ranger Taking temporary leave. I will return @ 2014/05/28 15:19Z
rhill Away indefinitely. Feel free to do whatever you want to any package I maintain. @ 2014/09/06 22:58Z
sbriesen Too few spare time right now. Feel free to fix any bugs & ebuilds... ;-) @ 2013/10/30 10:48Z
sera Too busy with work till mid September @ 2014/08/17 15:58Z
sochotnicky Back first week of June @ 2014/05/23 11:06Z
swegener @ 2015/03/30 16:24Z
tamiko Very limited time till April 2015, for emergencies still around in IRC. @ 2015/03/06 19:47Z
tetromino On vacation, won't have access to my main machine. @ 2015/03/31 04:56Z
tomjbe I will be away until10 mar 2015. Feel free to fix my packages. @ 2015/03/01 20:53Z
tomk Busy with RL, back soon @ 2015/01/21 16:10Z
tomwij I am taking a break from Gentoo. I don't think I'm ready to retire, but I think I need a break to decide. Still present to talk if you can catch me... @ 2014/09/10 12:28Z
vostorga Limited time and high workload, because I've got a new job. Feel free to touch any package. @ 2014/04/06 18:45Z
vzctl On vacation till 2015/04/07 @ 2015/03/27 18:56Z

3.  How to use the Devaway System?

On :

To set yourself away

Code Listing 3.1: Going away

(Away without any message)
$ touch ~/.away

(With a short message, much better)
$ echo "I'll be away on a fishing trip until Aug 30, contact $dev1 or $dev2 in my absence" > ~/.away

When you return

Code Listing 3.2: Coming back

$ rm ~/.away

Page updated March 31, 2015

Summary: This page shows unavailable Gentoo devs

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