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1.  Gentoo Council 2012/2013 Nominations

Nominations status

Note: Nominations are allowed from June 4, 2012 00:00 UTC to June 17, 2012 23:59 UTC via the gentoo-project mailing list.

Accepted Developer Nickname Devrel Council Trustee
Yes Petteri Räty betelgeuse Yes Yes No
Yes Tony Vroon chainsaw No Yes No
Yes Donnie Berkholz dberkholz No Yes No
Yes Fabian Groffen grobian No Yes No
Yes Marien Zwart marienz No No No
Yes Michał Górny mgorny No No No
Yes Patrick Lauer patrick No Yes No
Yes Paweł Hajdan phajdan.jr No No No
Yes Tomas Chvatal scarabeus No No No
Yes Ulrich Müller ulm No Yes No
Yes William Hubbs williamh No No No
Alex Legler a3li No No No
Alexis Ballier aballier No No No
Anthony G. Basile blueness No No No
Jeremy Olexa darkside No No No
Dirkjan Ochtman djc No No No
Gilles Dartiguelongue eva No No No
Diego Elio Pettenò flameeyes No No No
Christian Ruppert idl0r No No No
Corentin Chary iksaif No No No
Jeroen Roovers jer No No No
Justin Lecher jlec No No No
Luca Barbato lu_zero No No No
Tim Harder radhermit No No No
Sebastian Pipping sping No No No
Alexandre Rostovtsev tetromino No No No
Mike Frysinger vapier No No No
No Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn chithanh No No No
No Andreas Hüttel dilfridge No No No
No dirtyepic No No No
No Brian Harring ferringb No No No
No Mike Gilbert floppym No No No
No Markos Chandras hwoarang Yes Yes No
No Johannes Huber johu No No No
No Nirbheek Chauhan nirbheek No No No
No Pacho Ramos pacho No No No
No Davide Pesavento pesa No No No
No Samuli Suominen ssuominen No No No
No Sven Vermeulen swift No No No
No Theo Chatzimichos tampakrap No No No
No Thomas Sachau tommy Yes No No
No Kacper Kowalik xarthisius No No No
No Zac Medico zmedico No No No

Page updated June 27, 2012

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