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Gentoo Foundation Board of Trustees Election, February 2009

1.  Election


The purpose of this election is to choose two members for the Gentoo Foundation Board of Trustees. More information about their roles and duties can be found in the Gentoo Foundation Charter. Archives of the gentoo-nfp mailing list contain most recent information about progress of this election. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the election officials.

Officials running this election are Łukasz Damentko, Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto and Alec Warner. The infrastructure contact for this election is Shyam Mani.

You can contact officials via e-mail or visit #gentoo-trustees or #gentoo-elections on Freenode.

Time table

Four weeks for nominations and four weeks for voting:

  • Nominations: 2009-02-01 00:00 UTC to 2009-02-28 23:59 UTC
  • Voting 2009-03-02 00:00 UTC to 2009-03-29 23:59 UTC


We're pleased to present you the ranked list of all elected Gentoo Foundation Trustees:

  • robbat2
  • quantumsummers

We published the master ballot file. This file contains all submitted ballots. Each of this ballots can be identified using a confirmation ID. Every person who voted in this election was mailed their ID by one of election officials. If you haven't received your ID, please contact one of election officials to provide you with that information. Using this ID and master ballot file people who voted can verify that their votes were included during counting votes.

We also published the full countify script output so you can check how the whole vote counting was done.

Election turnout

In this section we present data showing how many of eligible persons have voted in this election.

  • Total voters: 208
  • Submitted ballots: 80
  • Current turnout: 38.46%



  • Anyone may nominate
  • Nominations should happen on the gentoo-nfp mailing list
  • To run in the election, you have to accept your nomination on the same mailing list
  • Only people who were members of the Gentoo Foundation at the recording date (set to 2009-01-11 by Trustees) are eligible to run. Matthew Summers prepared the list of all eligible members.

Table of nominees:

Nominee Status Links
Christina Gianelloni Accepted
Patrick Lauer Accepted
Matthew Summers Accepted Quantumsummers Gentoo Foundation Manifesto
Robin H. Johnson Accepted Robbat2 Gentoo Foundation Manifesto
Tobias Scherbaum No response
Richard Freeman No response
Ned Ludd No response
Mike Frysinger No response
Wernfried Haas Declined
Steve Dibb Declined
Ciaran McCreesh Declined
Deedra M. Waters Declined
Ferris McCormick Declined
Fabian Groffen Declined
Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto Declined
Roy Bamford Declined
Łukasz Damentko Declined

If you think you see a mistake in this table, please contact the election officials.


People who are eligible to vote in this election are all current Gentoo Foundation members.

How do I cast my vote for this election?

After polls are open, Eligible current Gentoo developers should login to and run the following commands, in the order specified.

  • votify --new trustees2009 - This creates a new ballot in your homedir.
  • Edit the .ballot-trustees2009 file and rank the candidates.
  • Once you're sure, run votify --verify trustees2009 to check the validity of the ballot.
  • If that goes through fine, the next and final step is to submit your vote using votify --submit trustees2009
  • In case you're stuck, detailed help can be accessed by using votify --help or feel free to drop by #gentoo-elections on IRC. If you think you are eligible to vote, but cannot, please contact one of the officials.
  • Grab a beer, have fun, sit back and enjoy the show..till we announce the results ;)

The remaining Foundation members, should email their ballot to the election officials, signing the mail with their gpg key:



Page updated June 1, 2009

Summary: This page contains all the information about upcoming elections for the Gentoo Board of Trustees.

Łukasz Damentko

Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto

Alec Warner

Shyam Mani
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