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Gentoo Forums Downtime/Upgrade Information


1.  Project Description

The server that the forum is hosted on currently runs MySQL 4, but is being upgraded by the OSL to MySQL 5. This migration will bring the forums read-only/off-line while the database is converted, UTF-8 support also being implemented. The migration is currently being planned for the weekend beginning September 8th.

Due to an unforseen problem we have had to restart the conversion script, this means that the current ETA for completion is Wednesday 12th September.

2.  Project tasks

The tasks of the Forums Upgrade project are:

Update to MySQL 5 - The forums database is going to be converted to mysql5 (finished)

Starting date: 2007/09/07
Developer: tomk (Tom Knight) - Administrator (Conversion code and coordination)
Milestone # ETA Description
1 Finished Plans, tests, announcement
2 Finished Full conversion test run
3 Finished Switch forums read-only
4 Finished Dump existing mysql4 database and import on second box
5 Finished UTF-8 conversion of forums table
6 Finished UTF-8 conversion of users table
7 Finished UTF-8 conversion of personal messages table
8 Finished UTF-8 conversion of polls table
9 Finished UTF-8 conversion of topics table
10 Finished UTF-8 conversion of posts table
11 Finished Import converted data to the new mysql5 database
12 Finished Adjust webserver settings to use UTF-8 and the new mysql5 database


Page updated September 12, 2007

Summary: This page details the progress of the forum upgrade during its downtime.

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