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1.  Status Reports


This is the status of the Gentoo Documentation Project. It will be posted regularly, but not with a static frequency. All questions can be posted to or to me personally.

The Gentoo Documentation Project, from now on abbreviated to GDP, has its own project page (just like almost all other Gentoo projects). You can find it at


This status mail will briefly discuss the following tasks, objectives and/or projects related to the GDP:

2.  Printable Documentation

This really is a recurring theme :) Xavier Neysx has proposed some changes to the guide.xsl and handbook.xsl files in order to create a single-page output of the entire Handbook.

The changes also include support for translating the various hard-coded English terms (such as "Important", "Note", "Warning", etc.) in the current stylesheets. Right now we are waiting for some various test results before the changes can go live.

3.  New Developer

The Documentation Project welcomes Gustavo Felisberto as new Lead Translator for the Portuguese language.

4.  Unlinked Documentation

All LVM-related instructions (and guides) have been removed (and unlinked) from the documentation repository. Although you can still view the LVM Guide online, you will not find it from our Documentation Index.

Xavier Neys has updated the guide and transformed it to an LVM2 guide. It still needs to be tested and reviewed though.

The LDAP Howto has also been unlinked from the documentation index due to security issues.


Page updated February 5, 2003

Summary: Status report of the GDP project

Sven Vermeulen

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